Open Plan Kitchen with Impressive Modern Beauty

Designing a modern open plan kitchen is considered an unwise choice of many homeowners. This is also the most applied design trend today. With a space-based kitchen design, you will no longer see the appearance of annoying walls. Instead, there are beautiful adjacent spaces. 

Modern open plan kitchen design

The research of modern designers for the need to combine a high-quality living space with a simple and elegant layout but still functional and purposeful kitchen. Oftentimes, the open kitchen area intended for use in preparing and dining meals from simple bar arrangements to classic dining tables.

In the open kitchen concept, the dining area provides a symbolic boundary between the food preparation area and the rest of the everyday living space. But thanks to the limitless creativity of modern designers, there are many approaches to arranging such a layout.

The idea of ​​an open kitchen is not unusual, especially with today’s contemporary home designs. Today, the trend in interior design is to be as easy as possible and to simplify the most minimal structure and decor without forgetting the functionality of the kitchen.

That’s why removing the barrier between the kitchen and living space is a practical move. The kitchen is connected to the dining area and the two adjacent spaces. The dining table often becomes the buffer between the kitchen and the living/living area.

Advantages of open space kitchen design

Firstly, an open layout brings great benefits to family life – no more isolation and separation in the process of preparing and dining. All family members and guests can talk while preparing meals without being separated by walls. Therefore, an open kitchen aims to harmonize the spaces in the house and the needs of the owner’s life.

In addition to the benefits of the above layout, the sense of spaciousness, free style and open plan for the home highly appreciated by interior critics. With clever layout and design, even a small house can feel large and spacious when it is combined with spaces. And of course, the kitchen counter and the oven are for everyone to enjoy the meal.

Ideas for open space kitchen design

Friendly layout design

Taking up less space may seem like a drawback at first glance, but the single wall kitchen is less encroaching on the adjacent living area compared to other layouts. Also, frees up more space off the kitchen for you. The layout in this photo is typical for a single wall kitchen, it complements the beauty of the open, modern lifestyle.

Single-wall kitchens often designed so that only one person can cook at a time – a limitation that makes the kitchen safe and yet convenient for others to freely pass through. It is important that this aspect kept in mind to ensure a design that fits the needs and lifestyle of the user.

Planning an open plan kitchen design

With any kitchen, careful planning is important, especially when space is limited, as shown in the photo above. Usually (but not always), the refrigerator in single-wall kitchens is located at the far end of the kitchen entry. Right before that there will be a sink, a counter on either side, a dishwasher and a cupboard underneath.

The oven and the hob are usually located at the other end. There should be room for the kitchen table on each side to facilitate the safe placement of food after cooking. And of course, the space to store food below also needs more.

Alternatively, as long as they don’t block the light source, you can buy cabinets that soar to the ceiling. It will usually come with an oven and freezer on either side.

Standard kitchen cabinets

Kitchens often have a row of cabinets running across the top parallel to the row of cabinets below, sometimes there will be a tall cabinet at one or both ends. Exhaust fans are also located in this range of cabinets. The drawers can run the entire length of the wall.

Open plan kitchen design is a current trend that brings aesthetic beauty and convenience. The open plan kitchen spaces create ventilation with a harmonious layout that being chosen by many families today to save space.

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