A clean, modern kitchen is something everyone wants. Many scientific bases show that white always makes people feel more comfortable and comfortable. That's why Italian white tiles is always the first choice for kitchen tiles.

Italian White Tiles for Beautiful Kitchen

For each family, the kitchen is the warmest place, a place to gather around the tray of food, showing the harmony of each member after a busy working day. A clean, modern kitchen is something everyone wants. Many scientific bases show that white always makes people feel more comfortable. That’s why Italian white tiles is always the first choice for kitchen tiles.

Why do kitchen tiles often use Italian white tiles? To answer this question, please refer to the article below.

Learn about the kitchen tiles category 

Today’s natural paving tiles used a lot in construction items in general and kitchen tiles in particular, not only making the work more durable but also improving the value of people’s lives.

The selection of kitchen tiles materials is very important. They are not only for decoration but must fully meet the requirements of color, aesthetics, durability and most importantly, suitable in accordance with the design, feng shui, house style to create a uniform harmony, luxury and sophistication. However, not all natural stones can do this item.

Reasons to use Italian white tiles for kitchen tiles

A quick look at Italian white tiles for kitchen tiles

Italian white tiles is a 100% natural stone product, mostly from metamorphic limestone. The gentle and elegant gray vein is the most impressive and attractive point of this stone, formed through a long process of thousands of years, millions of years, so they have enduring beauty. This stone is highly appreciated for its aesthetics. With simple but extremely attractive overall, high gloss to brighten up the luxurious space of your kitchen.

Italian White Tiles brings high aesthetic value 

If you love a luxurious and airy space, Italian white tiles always preferred because they possess pure white color, impressive gloss along with soft gray veins that fly over the tiles surface, not only clean. It will also help create a space-expanding effect, which is very suitable for houses with a small area.

Did you know, all the colors in the world derived from white and it is the only color that can combined with most other colors that are all very harmonious. The kitchen is one of the most decorated places in the home. That is also the reason why people choose Italian white tiles for their kitchen.

Italian White Tiles is easy to maintain and restore

Even a small stain on the Italian white tiles easily detected by its pure whiteness combined with high gloss.

At the same time, the natural Italian white tiles surface has very good scratch and fire resistance. After using for a long time, it can be polished to restore its original state. Moreover, the cost of polishing and maintaining marble is cheaper. much more than other natural tiles.

5 ways to preserve Italian white tiles for kitchen tiles 

To maintain the beauty of natural Italian white tiles over the years and increase aesthetic efficiency, you must remember 5 ways to properly preserve them below:

  1. Polish football on a cycle of 6 months-1 year.
  2. Limit placing cutlery, sharp objects moving on the kitchen surface
  3. It is recommended to use waterproofing for this tiles before putting it into construction
  4. Prioritize choosing bright colors for interior details to increase the harmonious beauty
  5. Corners, corner positions, they will have a certain porosity, to avoid moisture, harmful organisms, to overcome, should processed with specialized glue.

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