Create a French Country Dining Room Decor with These 5 Tips!

Chosen as the country of romance, with the most pompous gentlemen and ladies with exquisite taste, France is also one of the cradles contributing to the creation of architectural culture of mankind and the most loved interior decoration. Born from that, the French country style houses are an ingenious combination between the typical romantic nature of the people here with the wonderful beauty of nature and the countryside. If you are getting bored with the interior of your home especially dining room, how about changing it with a French feel? By bringing French country interior decor style into your dining room, you will feel like you are in the French countryside. French country style defined as a mix of rustic and refined inspired by homes in the French countryside.

Bold Floor

When choosing the right flooring for our dining room, always go for bold choices. Chess tiles are the most common feature found in bistros. However, we can choose wooden floors to maintain that cozy atmosphere. Remember that we don’t need to add a rug as it’s all about a clean aesthetic.

Rattan Chair

Providing a comfortable seating area for our dining room is a top priority. If we walk into a French country, we might see some wicker chairs. Its distinctive texture adds a visual touch to the room, while the relaxed back provides comfort. We can beautify our kitchen island with rattan bar stools for a cohesive arrangement. As an alternative, we can choose a cafe-style wooden chair. The rustic design will complement the space, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The smart design includes a wicker seat that will quickly drain any liquid if it spills.

Interesting Wall Decor

The walls in French country dining rooms are never left empty. Whether it’s a bold wallpaper or an extraordinary poster, feel free to beautify those plain walls as you wish. The antique artwork is an excellent starting point, as it is one of the hallmarks of French country.

Unique Light Fixtures

A chandelier will create a calming atmosphere with a romantic vibe. However, their sole purpose is not just to light up space. The pendant will elevate the style, reinforcing the theme of the French country dining room. The bold pendant design will make a great statement when anchoring the dining table.

Compact table

The traditional bistro design includes a small table for maximum comfort. However, the compact design may not be suitable for large families, so we can use a regular sized table. If you still wants to deliver an authentic bistro atmosphere, turn an awkward corner of the room into a cozy breakfast corner. The relaxed setting provides a charming place for breakfast or a light meal.

Kitchen dining room

The next reference may be more suitable to applied to homeowners with fairly wide dimensions. The kitchen and dining rooms have functions that are quite complete and separate from each other. Starting from the furniture design and the all-white room theme, combined with the exposed wooden roof truss with natural paint, it gives a measurable luxurious impression. Luxury already visible from the kitchen set and two additional zones that are located differently. The dining table is located parallel to the food serving table, then forwarded to the kitchen set attached to the wall. In the corner of the room, there is a sink equipped with a kitchen utensil rack up to the upper wall near the ceiling limit. If you have a narrow/not as wide room as the example above, you can imitate the concept of color and the types of materials used for applications throughout the room.

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