9 Ideas to Improve Small Kitchen

Small kitchen always give homeowners a headache, and it is not difficult to explain this problem, because the layout of small kitchens always takes homeowners a lot of time that money that is not necessarily effective. But things will be different, if you apply the 9 ideas below into the interior layout and perfect the small kitchen space.

A small kitchen area will lead to certain limitations in design, but the problem of comfort and aesthetics will not be lost if you have an effective layout solution. That is the reason that architectural design and interior design can exist and grow. However, if you have limited resources, it is entirely possible to arrange and decorate your own kitchen. Try to follow the basic rules of color scheme and technique in layout with a little flair. Beauty.

Improve the kitchen wall with white and light tones

The first idea for you to improve the cramped situation of your kitchen is to use the wall color array effectively. The small space is quite allergic to the eye-catching color walls. That is not to say that there are no unique and even strikingly colored small kitchens. It’s just that the use of floating colors will be very risky for those who do not have much design expertise, leading to the opposite effect for the space.

That’s why when finishing the kitchen with wallpaper or paint, light colors, especially white, are always preferred. Moreover, white has the ability to dispel the feeling of narrowness and heat extremely effectively and will be the optimal choice for small kitchens.

Arrangement of big glass windows for natural light

Natural light is an indispensable element in any space in the house, especially the kitchen. With the effect of bringing a living space close to nature and creating a comfortable feeling for users, the design of the light-receiving kitchen will help the space improve the efficiency of use.

With a small kitchen, the arrangement of small glass windows not only helps to circulate air and sunlight into the house. This also helps to expand the view through the transparent glass panes, reducing the cramped feeling of the room. room.

Using glass door kitchen cabinets

Instead of square cabinets separating your eyes, comfortable cabinets with glass doors. Especially cupboards with neat and beautiful arrangement can help you free up your vision. This can create a feeling of larger and more beautiful space.

Limited decorative accessories

With a small kitchen with limited area, when arranging the interior, you are not only limited to the number of furniture and only prioritize the furniture that is really necessary. However, the decorative accessories must also be limited. Although sometimes these accessories are quite small and usually do not take up much space.

The purpose of decorating a space to be more beautiful and impressive will not be fully expressed. Even counterproductive if you greedy to cram many decorative items into a narrow space.

Use smart, versatile furniture

Not only with small kitchens, but other small spaces should use smart furniture that can be easily integrated or used in combination with two or more different purposes.

Open plan layout

The kitchen in townhouses or apartments is often combined with the living room. Limiting unnecessary partitions between these two spaces will help the air in the house circulate easily, light can flow freely. Harmony and especially create a feeling of more spacious space, the view in the kitchen position is wider.

Get everything organized

The taboo in home decoration, especially with small spaces, is clutter. The feeling of surprise and narrowness of the small kitchen will be more obvious and make the user more uncomfortable. It is necessary to arrange everything neatly to save the optimal space.

Choose the right carpet and floor color

The color of the carpet or floor finish is important in creating a sense of spaciousness in your kitchen. Therefore, you should not choose the color of the floor randomly, but choose to match your design purposes. Light and white colors will be a good choice to create a sense of spaciousness for the space. However, when the kitchen walls are light, the floor can be used a bit darker to make the space more impressive.

Lighting systems

Besides the natural light will be the electric light system. Paying more attention to and investing in the lighting system is essential to improve the effective small kitchen space.

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