5 Beautiful Kitchen Island for Modern Kitchens

A popular new element in modern kitchen design. Kitchen islands are the heart of the kitchen, they bring their own beauty and highlight to the kitchen space. Take a look at some beautiful kitchen island models for modern kitchens below!

Should I make a kitchen island or not?

Let’s see the benefits of kitchen islands below so you have the answer to the question of whether to make a kitchen island or not!

  • A place to prepare and prepare food for the family.
  • It is a gathering place for family and friends.
  • It can be a place for the kids to do their homework after a snack, a small office for parents to work from home.
  • A place to store and preserve kitchen tools and utensils.
  • Outstanding decorative  element  , the highlight of the kitchen space.

Principles of kitchen island design

  1. The size of the kitchen island must match the kitchen area. 
  2. Pay attention to who is using the kitchen island.
  3. Choose colors that harmonize with the entire space.
  4. Material of kitchen island: depending on the type of material of other kitchen parts of the family such as: background, stove, kitchen cabinet or family economic conditions.

Modern kitchen island designs

Main kitchen island – large size

The main kitchen island has almost become the norm in modern home construction. To have a large kitchen island, you should consider the area factor, make sure the space around the island is large enough to have room for travel. As well as the meal prep area and other common kitchen functions. 

The large kitchen island can be used for many different functions. If meal prep is the primary function of your intended kitchen island, consider adding a prep sink to the island itself. The built-in pre-processing areas will be very useful if you plan to use this space to cut vegetables or make cakes. In addition, you can arrange additional equipment such as a stove, dishwasher, microwave drawer or wine refrigerator on the island. 

Combining appliances or sinks allows you to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen while maximizing its functionality. When planning a function like this, keep in mind that proper plumbing and electricity will need to be fitted. Depending on the size you plan on, consider your countertop material choice to note any seams that are needed. Many homeowners wish to have a large kitchen island to entertain guests or family. If entertaining is a major function of your kitchen plan, consider both the surface area of ​​the island and also the seating around the island.

Large kitchen island combined with dining table

Sitting around the kitchen island can help you create a cozy space. The large amount of seating on the kitchen island requires ample overhang to be able to sit comfortably.

You will want to add your overhang to the kitchen floor plan as it will affect your walkway. To calculate the total size of your island, you’ll need to plan for overhanging seating, additional functional workspaces, and any built-in features like a sink or stovetop. 

Kitchen island with storage space

Integrated kitchen cabinets and accessories can be a game changer in kitchen function and efficiency. Storage  inside island cabinets can be customized to incorporate whatever elements are needed to make your work and play areas more functional. 

The kitchen island with drawers can serve multiple purposes for storage and organization. Large drawers can hold dinnerware while smaller drawers can store utensils, condiments or even a charging station. Adding a power outlet inside the drawer allows you to hide your family’s electronics and charging cords while keeping them close at hand.

For a kitchen island with seating and storage, plan for a larger overall size. Also, consider working on cabinet doors, drawers, and any openable appliances such as cupboards, dishwashers, or microwave drawers. Consult with a designer to create your overall floor plan and make sure your room is large enough to accommodate the features you want on your island.

Kitchen island combined with small storage

If your kitchen space is small and you also want to design a kitchen island, you should have a specific design. Design yourself a small storage area to conveniently store the things you need. Optimizing organizational space is something you should do from the beginning. Organize shelves, small shelves, baskets for tools, spices, food or other items such as cookbooks, coffee, baking.

Natural wood kitchen island

Natural wood brings a close beauty but no less luxurious. That is why they are chosen a lot in today’s housing space. Take a look at some natural wood kitchen island models above!


Hopefully these 5  beautiful kitchen island models will provide useful suggestions for you. Help you get more references, advice or design a modern, luxurious and multi-functional kitchen space.

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