25 Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs Without Upper Cabinets

A beautiful kitchen is when you know how to choose the right design, color, and arrangement of object and not too many things. Simplicity brings its own beauty, if your kitchen has a small area and you are considering whether to design more upper kitchen cabinets or not, then follow the following article.

Here are some tips along with kitchen models without upper cabinets for everyone to refer to. 

Should I do the upper kitchen cabinet?

A trend you can easily recognize in today’s residential architecture is the minimalism. Unlike before, most kitchens have upper and lower cabinets. They help us to store items, food . In addition, it is also an aesthetic element of the room.

The impression of a kitchen without upper cabinets is easy to see, simple, not too complicated that you have more space to decorate. Especially looking at the kitchen will be much more airy. You are concerned about this limitation affecting your storage. Then don’t worry. Along with the minimalism, the  multi-functional kitchen utensils , utilities, integrated with many functions were also born. So you don’t need to buy too many things.

Create more space

One thing everyone realizes is that when there are fewer objects, the space is more open. Especially the kitchen cabinets are always large in size and take up a lot of space. Not having upper kitchen cabinets also means reducing the clutter, expanding the area, creating a much brighter and spacious space.

This is clearly beneficial for homes with a small kitchen area.

When the kitchen does not have a kitchen cabinet on it, the light source will not be affected by the shadow of the cabinet on the table and chairs. Upper cabinets darken the space if it is within light range. Of course you also feel fuller when in direct light. The upper cabinet is usually installed in a rather high position, inconvenient for those with limited height. So instead of installing the upper cabinet, you should also consider the design of the lower cabinet, which is convenient for storing and using things.

Simple and neat kitchen

When you decide not to install kitchen cabinets, it’s time to choose minimalism and know how to arrange everything. Maybe you are worried about lack of storage space as always. But that’s okay, you should plan to look back on your recent kitchen work. You should see, what objects or foods you regularly use. 

  • What do you need?
  • What time do you need it, the period you need it?

You may find many things in your home that you haven’t needed in a long time. It’s just that you regret and haven’t cleaned it up yet. So you should purge the things you don’t use, reduce the old, unnecessary things. Keep only the things you need and use often. This process will help your kitchen become much neater and cleaner.

Creative space

When you do not have too much storage space, your work is to be creative and organize your space. Instead of cramming everything into the lower cabinet, you should study the scientific arrangement.

  • There are many items, shelves, and drawers to help you store things. Learn to divide the types of utensils and utensils in the kitchen and make appropriate choices.
  • For pots and pans, you can place it on wall for more ways to store it.
  • Labeled jars are a good choice for storing dry foods or  spices.
  • Shelves in a variety of sizes will help you put in the drawers and organize a variety of kitchen utensils.
  • Your job is to observe carefully and find the right type for the design and cost of your family.

Storage solution: kitchen island

Is a storage solution for families with limited wall space that has a fairly large floor space. Kitchen island – the heart of the kitchen is a design you should pay attention to. You should integrate multiple functions in your kitchen island. Take advantage of it as a place to store things, by designing shelves and drawers below. They can also be a place to prepare food or also a dining table.

Storage solution: open kitchen cabinets

When you really have too many things and the lower cabinets can’t help you to store them all, the solution for you is to design open kitchen cabinets. This is a special design from shelves and shelves that are mounted on the wall to take advantage of the suspended space. It is much more compact in size than conventional upper cabinets. You can use it to store things or decorate the kitchen.

Kitchen decor without upper cabinets

The absence of kitchen cabinets above will help you have more space to decorate and decorate the kitchen to your liking.

Some designs like: 

  • Open kitchen design for both storage and decoration.
  • Design kitchen island or kitchen bar.
  • Design compartments, small shelves to place objects.
  • Designed in many different styles such as: modern, classic, European, Japanese, Chinese, and many more
  • Free choice of  kitchen decorations.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of having a kitchen without upper cabinets!

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