12 Beautiful Living Room Interior Ideas for Small Apartment

Apartment design is a topic that many people are interested in. The limitation of current apartments is that the area is limited and cannot be expanded like traditional houses. Therefore, the design and layout so that the living room of the apartment is both beautiful, spacious and airy is what the owners want. Below we introduces beautiful living room design ideas for small apartments. Let’s explore these amazingly beautiful and creative ideas!

Design a living room inspired by nature

Choosing bright colors is a simple way to hit the visuals. From a small living room, thanks to white walls and windows that let in natural light. The textured carpet stands out on the wooden floor. The main cream color furniture brings a sense of peace and lightness. Choosing white curtains also brings the effect of space, allowing natural light to pass through but not too bright.

Minimalist living room design

A unique sofa will be the most outstanding highlight for your living room. Like the sofa of this apartment’s living room, for example. Can be both a sofa and a bed to rest and relax. A simple coffee table along with other decorations such as lamps that also create an impressive living room space.

Bohemian style small living room design

At first glance this living room seems to use a lot of colorful colors. But the Bohemian living room design above only uses 3 colors. The interior designer arranged the objects symmetrically. From wall macrame, sofa pillows, and light. All furniture uses 3 main colors: off-white, brown, and blue to create a beautiful space but not distract the eyes. A cozy and very special design, right?

Living room with open space design

Open plan is the optimal solution for apartments. The kitchen and living room are open plan. Instead of a partition or building an extra wall between the kitchen and living room, just a striking rug can divide two areas with different uses. Small living room with simple furniture, compact size is very beautiful.

Simple furniture – the secret to making a spacious living room

The interior of this living room chooses pure white colors, elegant. Living room furniture such as sofa, tea table have simple design. The black tea table stands out more than the neutral color space of the living room. To embellish the living room space, just cleverly added an abstract picture, floating shelves for decorations, and a textured black carpet.

Group the furniture by color

Grouping furniture into 3 different groups by color is one of the ways to make a living room look more spacious. Like this living room there is a sofa, a single chair and a tea table in three different colors. A simple living room but still exudes sophistication thanks to luxurious interior design.

Add curves in the apartment living room

Most apartments are boxy, it would be interesting to furnish your living room with soft curves. Round coffee tables, sofas and single chairs with curves and small rugs in no particular shape create an impressive space. A small living room but thanks to beautiful interior design becomes more unique and classy.

Low furniture – the solution to increase the height of the living room ceiling

Low-level furniture is a good solution for apartments with low ceilings. By lowering the legs of the sofa and choosing a single chair or table with a low height, you will create an unexpected height effect for your apartment. Check out the impressive living room designs above!

Interior design of small luxury living room

This living room chooses an elegant cream color as the main color for the interior. For small living rooms, choosing mirror materials is also a solution to increase the width effect of the apartment space. Smart and glossy coffee table helps to store small items, keeping the living room clean and tidy.

Green living room for those who love plants

The wonderful combination of soft pink, white, and cool green along with green kitchen cabinets creates a wonderfully beautiful green living room sofa. It all fits together in the most perfect way. A simple color palette is suitable for the small living room space of the apartment.

Interior design of the living room of the apartment in a modern and fresh style

Modern living room emphasize the feeling of sophisticated and elegant. With soft-toned color like grey and beige, you can give a kick of freshness by giving some unique accessories that not only give more aesthetic to the living room but also useful and durable.

Bold colors for living room interior

The choice of color for the interior has a huge impact on the size of a room. You can still use bold colors as long as they complement each other and in one palette. In the picture above, pink is the main color for the living room, that applied in wallpaper, chairs, and rug with different hue and one pattern : floral. The highlights attract everyone’s attention, so the architects cleverly arranged the floating colors throughout the room. It’s like creating a mini tour when guests come to visit your house.

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