TV on the Wall Ideas with 3 Stylish and Practical Ways

When it comes to TV on the wall ideas, a media wall is an obvious choice. Instead of a TV stand, a media wall allows homeowners to mount their flat screen television onto the wall to display other media, such as speakers, gaming consoles, record players, and so on. A media wall typically installed above an existing fireplace or with a new inset fireplace. Seek professional assistance with installation, stud walls, and electrical wiring. In general, media walls offer adequate storage. It’s ideal for small living rooms because it helps to streamline and organize the space, and it’s an excellent way to maximize vertical wall space.

However, you may want to concentrate on mounting your TV in front of a feature wall – wallpaper, a wall mural, or a clever paint effect – that will add interest to your room in a cohesive manner. It’s also a more cost-effective option. Invest in cable trunking and cable tidy boxes to conceal unsightly wires in this case. Whatever TV wall idea you choose, key considerations include location, light or sun exposure, and whether you have enough wall space on either side.

Here are 3 TV wall ideas to transform your rooms, ranging from clever built-in solutions to stylish backdrops.

Wooden accent wall

Natural materials, such as wood, can create an appealing backdrop that detracts from your television. A wooden feature wall adds character and warmth to the space. This decorative wood design made from eco-friendly wood panels designed for internal wall coverings, making it the perfect feature wall.

Media wall around the fireplace

Placing a television above a fireplace is a common practice, and this modern twist is simply stunning. The TV positioned above a modern fireplace with a recessed design for displaying firewood. This TV wall is eye-catching and makes a real statement because it designed in a bold blue color.

‘An in-built electric fire offers a design-led option for the discerning homeowner who wants to combine modern looks with cutting-edge technology,’ says Jon Butterworth, Director at Arada Stoves. ‘Complete the feature wall with a high-tech flat-screen TV to achieve perfect balance in the room.

Cabinetry wall

If you don’t want a plain TV wall or don’t have enough space for a storage cabinet, why not combine the two? Build your cabinetry around your TV to maximize storage space while also creating a visually appealing display wall. It’s especially well-suited to small spaces.

‘Recessing a television within built-in cabinetry always creates a more considered look,’ says Natalie Murray-Hurst of Murray Hurst Interiors. ‘I also believe it creates a more homely feel than just being mounted onto a plain wall. To further blend the TV, choose a unit in a deep color to offset the screen’s black.

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