Unique Open House Concept Design that Blends with Nature

Want to feel closer to nature? Homes that built close to nature are believed to provide more relaxation and tranquility for its residents. Just imagine opening the window in the morning and breathing in the fresh air and looking at the beauty of nature in front of your eyes. This is certainly not something impossible. Take the inspiration from this open house concept in the middle of a farm in India.

This farmhouse is built around trees and visually connected from inside the house. Want to see what a unique open-plan home design looks like? For those of you who are passionate about nature, the design of this house located in Hyderabad, India, will really inspire you.

Blending in with its natural surroundings

The main idea behind this home concept is the residents’ love for organic farming. The semi-outdoor interior design created by letting the house blend in and talk to the nature around it. The many openings of the house from the windows and the layout of the open space without partitions, make it like one with the surrounding nature. The natural scenery outside the house can freely seen from inside the house.

Some rooms deliberately made semi-outdoor, so that residents can enjoy the cool air from indoors. The pre-existing trees are also left in place without being cut down. It make the house look more natural and like a part of the surrounding nature.

Natural Materials from the Surrounding Nature

One thing that stands out the most about this house is the use of bricks and natural stones for almost the entire building. In particular, the bricks used made on site with excavated soil around the house. These bricks then used as floors in the central courtyard to the walls of the building. The brick walls also left original without finishing, to make them look more integrated with the surrounding nature. This concept said to be an extension of the exterior of the house, so that the appearance of the house looks harmonious with the farmland outside.

Decorated with Antiques

The homeowner’s love for antiques not only to utilized into the decoration of the house. We can find several collections of antiques in various corners of the house. Designers also try to accommodate the hobbies of homeowners by making a house that can grow organically over time.

Multifunctional Space

Each room organized to accommodate all the needs of the residents. For example, the L-shaped bench in the living room is the main room as well as the public space in the house. The long wooden bench brings a warmth to the farmhouse, rather than simply opting for a formal sofa. As a result, the atmosphere of a traditional tropical home is enhanced.

The furniture layout in the common room intended to accommodate larger groups, as well as individuals and small groups. Of course, it still connects the inside of the house to the green farmland outside.

For those of you who want to be closer to nature in your daily life, this open space concept house is perfect for inspiration in building your dream home. You don’t have to be on a farm, you can also incorporate natural elements from outside the house into the room by increasing the number of openings and adding plants inside the house. Can’t wait to start designing your home according to your wishes?

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