Mexican Home Interior if You Like Bold Colors

If you like the look of bright bold colors, rustic furnishings, and Native American influences, Mexican home interior design may be for you. Mexican design is eclectic, combining rustic wood and wrought iron furnishings with bright, vivid colors. The style combines elements from the Spanish missionaries and conquistadors who came to colonize this part of the Americas with elements from native tribes living in what is now Mexico, such as the Aztecs and Mayans. This fusion of Spanish European architecture and native tribal culture resulted in some of the world’s most beautiful and colorful art and décor.

Texture and color

When it comes to decorating a Mexican-style room, rich colors and woven textures are essential. If you want to show off accent pieces, such as pottery or ornate furniture, keep the background of the room simple.

Fabric and accents

As accents, use rich colors such as deep blues, golden yellows, vivid reds, and lush greens. Look for woven textures in primitive prints and patterns when selecting decorator fabrics.


Talavera pottery is a Mexican ceramic style that typically hand painted with vibrant motifs or intricate mosaic patterns. On a shelf or side table, a Talavera vase, urn, or platter on a stand will look lovely. Tiles, flower pots, and candle holders are also made from this type of ceramic.

Mata Ortiz pottery is another popular type of Mexican ceramics. This style of pottery originated in the northern Mexican town of Mata Ortiz. The pottery is made from clay found in Mexico’s Casas Grandes region. Master potter Juan Quezada created the design and style of this pottery.

Fine art

Wooden carvings, statues, religious art, and other handcrafted ornaments are examples of traditional Mexican folk art. Some Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) folk art found in Mexican home decor. Among these items are intricately decorated skulls and skeletons.

Ceramic tiles with decorative designs

Decorative ceramic tiles are traditional Mexican home accents for living room highlight tiles or to create a colorful decorative frame around a mirror. Talavera tiles commonly used for decorative fireplace or wall murals, sink embellishment, mirror, window, or doorway borders, on fountains, and in bathrooms. Floors with terra-cotta tiles are common in Mexican-style design.

Mexican Home Furnishings

Mexican-style furniture appears to be very rustic. This type of furniture commonly made of pine, mesquite, reclaimed wood, and wrought iron, and it can be further classified into sub styles such as: Tuscan Colonial Spanish, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ranch in Texas.

The most formal and elegant style of Mexican furniture is Spanish colonial. Tuscan furniture has an Old World, Mediterranean feel, whereas Santa Fe and Texas Ranch have rustic Western influences. Mexican furniture can be stained in dark, rich copper tones or finished in a light, distressed look of natural or weathered wood.

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