How to Build Container House and 7 Rules Before Doing It

Building a container house is becoming a trend among developers and young people. Besides being stylish and durable, container houses are also easy to tamper with, and are pocket-friendly. Watch out! Before you decide to dismantle your savings to build your dream container house, make sure you’ve heeded the following 7 rules and how to do it.

7 Mandatory Rules Before Building a Container House

Must See The Container Directly Before Buying

The used container that you are after for the cross-section of the house must have been back and forth across the ocean. Of course there are marks of dents or peeling here and there. Not included, the inside. So, make sure you see the container firsthand before buying. If the store is located far away, ask the seller for a complete photo of the inside and outside of the container. The safest thing is, buy a one-trip container for guaranteed quality, but it’s definitely a little above average.

Understand the Building Regulations in Your City

Each city has its own rules regarding building regulations. Understand and comply in advance with the details of the building codes in your city. Don’t let it be discovered after building that your building violates regulations – so you have to dismantle it. 

Hire a Contractor who Can Handle Containers

To be practical, hire the services of a building contractor who can also handle container modifications at the same time. Because, the type of residence you want is not the same as an ordinary house. If the contractor is unfamiliar or doesn’t understand containers, you might be forced to hire the services of a contractor and container modification. Usually it’s a double.

Don’t Forget Insulation

One important but often overlooked is the importance of insulation. Shipping container walls are different from traditional house walls. Where, without insulation, the walls will feel too hot during the dry season, or vice versa, can freeze you in the winter. So remember to install insulation. They can come in a variety of shapes, ranging from wool, nylon, or even a hard polyester material that resembles flooring.

Limit Cutting

The walls of the shipping container are very strong because they are made of corten steel. Therefore, you can even stack them into two, three, or even four-story buildings, but make no mistake. The more you cut into the container body, the more brittle the structure will be. So, limit the number of window or door holes in your container to keep it durable.

Know the Potential of Chemical Wastes

Remember that your used containers were used to load a wide variety of goods both at sea and on land. And this cargo may contain a variety of hazardous chemicals. It is important to know the carrying history of a container, especially if you have children in your family. Be prepared to reload on the floor or wall.

Plan Plumbing and Electricity Carefully

You must already have a fixed and planned plan regarding your building. In particular is where to put the outlet for electricity, and the plumbing for the washing machine, sink, and bathroom. Surely it won’t be funny if you have to re-build your container house because you forgot to put a switch that works properly.

How to Make a Container House

Building a dwelling with a container concept is certainly not easy. There are certain things and several ways to make a container house that need attention. Here, a complete step-by-step guide and how to make a container house.

Make a plan 

Similar to other house concepts, container-style housing also needs careful planning. You have to plan the construction of the house starting from the design, location to the required budget.

Consult the architect

Making a container house design is not a simple thing that can be done alone. You need to consult the architect from size to dream design before buying a container. 

Buy used containers

It doesn’t have to be new, you can also outsmart it by buying used containers that are no longer used. You can buy used containers through the marketplace or directly abroad to get the container you want.

Build the foundation of the house

Although famous for being sturdy, container model houses also need a foundation. That is why, how to make a container house, which is also important when waiting for container delivery, is to build a house foundation. The foundation of the house must be adjusted to the size and load of the building in order to function properly.

Use crane

One way to make a container house that is considered to affect work effectiveness is to use a crane. Cranes themselves are usually used to lift long containers so that they can be placed in the correct and appropriate position.

House wall materials

The container concept house is prone to hot temperatures. That is why, you must pay attention to the wall covering material in an effort to reduce the heat.

Install the roof 

How to make a container house that is important to do is to install a roof. The architect will help determine the right type of roof to match the function and keep it attractive.

Replace the original container floor

The floor of the original container contains pesticides because it serves to prevent insects during the shipping process. That is why to keep this model house comfortable and harmless, you can replace it with wooden floors.

Add doors, windows and beautify the room

The final stage in how to make a container house is to determine the design of the doors and windows. This is important so that the house can function normally as it should. Next, don’t forget to combine it with beautiful decorations to make it look attractive.

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