Bring Workspace into Bedroom for Better Work from Home

Work from home is a phrase that is quite familiar to office workers in recent times. When the epidemic raged, businesses and companies were forced to let employees work from home. Since then, people have gradually gotten used to the small workspace right in their house, and the bedroom is one of them. But not everyone knows how to bring a workspace into the bedroom  to be productive. Then check out the tips below. 

In fact, a recent survey from Stanford University reports that more than 40% of working people in the United States now work full-time from home. In the process of converting houses into workspaces, many people have been struggling to adapt. Even if your bedroom has a modest area, but with double the amount of furniture. If you do not plan the layout properly, the space will become cramped, even affecting your work productivity and sleep. 

Ways to set up an office in the bedroom

Here are some design tips to help you create a space that has a dual purpose – without sacrificing your sleep.

Create an area to subdivide the room

Anita Yokota, an award-winning interior designer, creates a combined bedroom and workspace. She shared that, start by dividing your room, giving the largest space to meet the essential need of sleeping. 

While you’ll probably want to split the room into two separate spaces. One for working and the other for sleeping, Yokota also recommends creating an additional reading area, if possible.

“A comfortable chair or bench in a quiet corner can be the perfect place to read and rest, helping you feel less like you’re tied to your desk all day,” she says. It will also help limit your brain’s association with the bed even further.

One tip is to separate rooms with a curtain, screen or dedicated room divider. These separate spaces have somewhat helped deceive the viewer’s eye quite effectively.

Choose multi-purpose furniture

When you’re dividing a room to serve multiple purposes, keep as few items as possible. Instead of choosing multiple pieces of furniture with individual purposes, investing in a few multipurpose essentials is a great way to save space. 

For example, Yokota suggests that this space should put a bench with built-in drawers on the side. With this product, you completely have a private space to read books, and have more storage space in the room. 

Other ideas include beds with built-in drawers to maximize space or desks that can be raised and lowered flexibly. It used to store computers and other sundries when not in use to make space become more should be neater.  You can absolutely find these smart gadgets at furniture stores across the country. 

Let’s start cleaning up your mess

When creating a space that can be used both for work and for sleeping, make sure you have enough space to stow your belongings. This not only helps your brain distinguish between work time and rest time, but it is also good for your psyche.

According to research published in Ferrari’s Journal of Environmental Psychology, clutter can change the way you see your living space. Psychologically, a home is not only a place to live, it is also a place where you can relax, rest and feel the most privacy and security. From Ferrari’s perspective, this clutter sometimes causes negative reactions, creates stress, and interferes with daily activities. Make taking away or putting things back in the right place in a space a habit to practice every day.

Yokota recommends storing laptops and other items in a designated space. For instance, a basket or storage bin on a bookcase. This is as a way to establish separate boundaries, helping to separate spaces with two different uses. 

Plant more trees in the bedroom

Adding some ornamental plants in the bedroom not only helps increase work productivity, but also helps relieve stress along with a number of health benefits. 

“I think adding plants in the house, especially in the bedroom, is very important,” says Yokota. “Plants have been shown to boost mood, productivity, focus and creativity, and tie the spaces of a room together.”

Some plants that are easy to grow at home and easy to care for for beginners include: cactus, coriander, tiger tongue, etc.

Add wellness items in your space

Another easy way to make more use of your space is to add items that reduce stress and improve your sleep. For example, you could place a stress ball on your desk or a white noise machine on your nightstand to help drown out the noise a ceiling fan makes. 

In addition, you can also use scented candles, essential oil diffusers or a mood lamp for the bedroom. These items both help reduce work-related stress and help you relax and sleep better at night. A scent diffuser not only brings aesthetic value but also helps the room space become fragrant and pleasant.

The unexpected benefits of bringing a workspace into the bedroom

Creating a workspace right in the bedroom has some unexpected benefits that you didn’t know about. Specifically: 

Increase work productivity

Having a separate office corner in the house will be a great idea to increase productivity without taking up a bed, dining table or even a sofa in the living room.  

Make sure that it will only be a really isolated work area, not easily affected by distractions that causing your productivity to drop. And make a promise to yourself that you will work hard and stay as good as you would in a traditional office environment.

More family time

Time spent commuting to the office means less time for family. When working from home, you will have more time to spend with your family. At which point you will be completely proactive about your time. 

Be more professional

If you need to make a video call or even just an important phone call, being present at a separate workspace in your home creates a professional setting.

Keep work space and home life separate

Having a dedicated office will help signal to family members to understand and limit disturbing you during work. 

People who have their own office at home often feel great when they can close the door at the end of the day and be able to relax. If your work is still backlog, while you relax in the evening, you are more likely to continue thinking about work when it is not necessary.

Bring your own style

Since it’s your own space, it’s completely free to decorate and within budget. Choose a color scheme that suits your style. If you want a simple office space, use minimalist design touches. 

At the same time, arrange more necessary items and decorations for the room. This not only adds to the aesthetics of the room, but also helps you have more motivation for work. 

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