5 Most Luxurious Master Bedroom Design

The master bedroom is the main room in the house. This is a getaway for the head of the family. Overall, the Master bedroom is no different from the rest in terms of functionality and interior design. However, because this is the main room, the interior design will be more focused on the layout and coordination of furniture. This master bedroom is usually placed in a nice location, with a better view of the landscape, and no need to hold it to make a luxurious one.

Bringing green into bedroom

The first beautiful master bedroom design we would like to introduce to you is the design that brings green space into the bedroom. If you are a nature lover, like plants and flowers, you can decorate the main with beautiful small pots.

Having more natural green color will help you relax, relax your mood and mind when you are tired. Not only that, green plants also help to filter the air in the room, helping you to get fresh, fresh air to breathe. Also, having more trees will reduce the hot temperature, especially in the summer time, giving you a more comfortable and pleasant feeling. In addition to bringing plants into the room, you can take advantage of natural light sources to increase vitality.

Some plants can be displayed in the bedroom such as:

  • Citrus trees : have a warm aroma and have the effect of repelling mosquitoes, dehumidifying, eliminating mold.
  • Betel nut : has the effect of absorbing formaldehyde in the air.
  • Aloe vera, tiger tongue : releasing oxygen and absorbing CO2 at night, helping you have a comfortable sleep, fresh air. Tiger tongue also filters formaldehyde in the air.
  • Other plants such as millennium, lavender, etc. are also favored by many people to display.

Beautiful master bedroom in luxury

The design of the Master bedroom is modern and luxurious thanks to the harmonious combination of furniture. The sophistication in the bedroom interior design is also enhanced by the iridescent borders combined with the dominant grey tone.

If the balcony of the bedroom is large and airy, you can choose to design a window close to the ground because of its high aesthetic. At the same time, the floor-to-ceiling windows also help you get more natural light into the room.

The room will become sophisticated and attractive when you arrange more wall paintings or wallpaper. In addition to wall paintings, a turntable will help the space become more nostalgic. If you don’t want the headboard wall to look too empty, you can decorate it with large-sized wall paintings or unique handmade items. Thus, the bedroom will not be too monotonous but also add a subtle aesthetic.

Neoclassical master bedroom

Neoclassical style is quite prominent design style in recent times. This design style has received the praise of many customers because it has both classic beauty and modern convenience. This design focuses on simplicity, sophistication and elegance. Metallic gold decorative motifs are often used. The ceiling chandelier has the European royal palace style of the last century.

The color synchronization and harmonious combination of white, yellow and blue create a luxurious master bedroom. The industrial wood floor has a light yellow color that highlights the overall room. Blue brings accents on the dominant white background, conditioning the space of the bedroom. The landscape view of the bedroom can see the whole outside thanks to the glass door close to the ground, getting natural light into the room.

Classic master bedroom

Classical interior design brings out the magnificence of European royal palaces. The details of the interior decoration are all gilded, showing the preciousness and magnificence.

Modern furniture

Master bedroom in modern style focuses on minimalism but fully equipped. The large window on the bed side with opaque glass helps the room get natural light but does not blind people lying on the bed. On both sides, there are two bedside cabinets with night lights to help illuminate the night. Art vases bring pops of color to the minimalist modern master bedroom.

Modern interior design style uses laminate flooring with diverse colors and patterns. Wood grain texture brings modernity, elegance, and luxurious feeling to the master bedroom. The area is quite large, so you can arrange an additional desk area right next to the room window. Get outdoor light to make the workplace airy and bright. At the same time, thanks to the light, your spirit will also be better, improving work productivity.

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