Coolest Lamps to Spice Up Your Interior

Whatever the decorative interior, a space cannot come to life without light. We also require high-quality lighting, making the lamp one of the most important elements of our home. Some people prefer lamps that are unobtrusive and serve their purpose, while others are drawn to coolest eye-catching and unusual pieces. But the point remains the same: we require them.

With the introduction of LEDs, design enthusiasts are transforming lighting into an art form that is actually accessible to homeowners. And connectivity enables many of them to perform a variety of useful functions, such as alerting you to incoming calls, which is useful for those of us who suffer from phantom vibration syndrome (it’s a thing). From levitating lamps to devices with built-in digital assistants capable of ordering takeout on our behalf, technology has advanced dramatically. Here are some coolest lamps to brighten up your room.

Adjustable Height Vintage Task Lamp with Rotary Shade

This is a stylish office desk lamp suitable for any workspace. This lamp’s style is enhanced by its matte brass finish and vintage motif. This lamp is a highly practical task lamp for any office, with an adjustable rotary light head and height. The lamp does not come with a bulb, but it works well with any LED light bulb that matches your brightness and color preferences.

Steampunk Industrial Lamp

This Industrial Steampunk Lamp will make your coworkers envious. A bronze pipe and metal stand with a bare light bulb in a loft style says a lot about how you see your work spaces. This office lamp is ideal for a work desk, living room, or kitchen. This is undoubtedly a fancy desk lamp designed to spark ideas and stimulate the imagination. This is a striking desk lamp with a minimalist design. Despite the fact that no bulb is included, the socket will accept any 60W equivalent light bulb. Use a “Edison retro bulb” for the best look with this one-of-a-kind desk lamp.

Wall Neon Lamp

I’ve never met a teen who doesn’t appreciate a neon wall sign. My own teenagers’ rooms are eclectic, and the 21-year-old still displays his ‘love’ neon sign, which we bought him when he was an achingly cool 11-year-old. And isn’t this one a step up from a neon-lit? It’s absolutely stunning. And don’t worry, this one isn’t made of glass and isn’t super-hot; it’s made of neon flex and has 256 white LEDs inside, so it’s super safe and stays cool to the touch.

Hue Go by Philips

The Philips Hue Go, shaped like a bowl and just as portable, can be tilted wherever you need a little extra light. It can cycle through millions of colors, receive notifications, and be recharged every three hours. The lamp’s real appeal, however, is that you can take it outside to light up your grill. Furthermore, because it is a Philips product, it is compatible with other smart home devices.

The GravityLight 2

While it may not be as visually appealing as some of the other lights on our list, the GravityLight accomplishes something far more important: It’s a gravity-powered lighting system that could help some of the more than 1.1 billion people who don’t have access to electricity. The power generated by a weight-and-pulley system lights up an LED bulb, which is safer and more efficient than kerosene. If you don’t want one, consider making a donation to the organization’s ongoing humanitarian efforts in Kenya.

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