Bohemian Style Interior Guide

You who love the freedom that is not bound by anyone or anything. If you want to express that rough comfort in your home, we recommend to decorate it in a bohemian style. The greatest attraction of bohemian interiors is a space that seems to have lightly confided in the things in one’s head, and a simple, informal yet strong personality. Instead of trying to show off, create a comfortable and beautiful home for yourself. A true bohemian style completed only when the goal is to pursue complete self-satisfaction and comfort without being conscious of others’ eyes. Today’s article introduces the beginning and flow of bohemian interior, and how to express them.

The Origin of Bohemian Style

The word Bohemian comes from French (Bohême). As a word meaning gypsy, it passed down from mouth to mouth as many wandering gypsies began to live in Bohemia in the Czech Republic. At first, it simply used as a direct designation for gypsies. However, from the late 19th century, it came to include philosophers, writers, and artists who freely spread their thoughts and artistic senses without being bound by convention. Currently, it established as a genre that encompasses fashion and art as well as architectural design.

Bohemian style features

Bohemian origins are gypsies. The free-spirited life and attitude that refuses to be bound by anything is intact in the bohemian style. The greatest feature of Bohemian interior is that not only color matching. Also design and material matching are free and not standardized. The fact that each piece of furniture, interior elements, and ornaments reveal their individuality and create a single picture resembles the bohemians. They embraced everything without stained in one place while wandering around various regions.

Partner Items for Bohemians

Bohemian is also closely related to Planterrier. As we pursue a natural and comfortable image as much as possible, we prefer furniture and props made of natural materials, and it suits us well to fill the space with live plants. The method of grafting plants into the interior is also a bohemian-style planterior. This uniquely directed by hanging or hanging on the wall rather than being standardized like a pot or vase. 

Change of bohemian style

Whatever style it is, the expression method changes depending on the era. It was the same with the bohemian style that subtly changed following each era. In 2000, Bobos, a concept that integrates profit-oriented bourgeois and spiritual richness, appeared and presented a luxurious yet rational and flexible interior design method. The Boho style with a modern perspective is also based on a comfortable and free-spirited Bohemian mind. However, it has changed in a way that blends with modern and Scandinavian styles.

Modern bohemian interior

The most natural way to fit into a modern living space is the Boho style with a modern touch. It is also good for grafting into Korean-style apartments, and it is easy to obtain furniture and props. Even if excessive ethnic style feels burdensome, a modern bohemian and boho style that focuses on a natural image rather than revealing strong ethnicity will be comfortable to approach.

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