Things to Take Notes When Designing A Laundry Room

Things you need to keep in mind when designing a laundry room

Most families when building houses often do not pay attention to the laundry room, temporarily arranged in hidden locations in the house. However, we increasingly appreciate in modern interior design. Bring convenience to homeowners and help the overall house become more luxurious. To do laundry is no longer a boring housework. Here are some basic things you should keep in mind.

Owning a spacious house, homeowners will often design a laundry and drying room. Meanwhile, for apartments with modest area. Owners tend to take advantage of the balcony to arrange a washing and drying corner because it is both space-saving and convenient for daily activities. However, many families do not like to put the washing machine on the balcony to keep the balcony airy, arranged into a relaxing corner. Then they will choose the option of placing the washing machine in the corner of the bathroom or the integrated design with the kitchen cabinet. Whatever location you choose to arrange a laundry room for an apartment. You should also follow the basic interior design and decoration principles to make this housework lighter and more interesting.

Choose the right location

With a separate laundry room, you can freely choose the washing equipment to your liking without being limited in weight, size, and color. Contribute to bringing the whole family a comfortable and sophisticated living space. Homeowners often arrange a laundry room at the end of the apartment, convenient to connect to the electricity and water system.

Take advantage of the balcony

In the context of the current “crowded land”, the trend of owning townhouses and small apartments is increasingly popular. With a house with limited space, designing a separate laundry room is not feasible.

In this case, the owner should combine the laundry place with the rooms in the house, or arrange it in the balcony. Designing a laundry corner on the balcony is not a new idea but is always useful, especially for small and super small apartments. Balconies often already have drainage systems, pipes, so washing and drying is also more convenient.

Integrated laundry corner with kitchen

If the kitchen is large and spacious, you can still arrange an additional washing machine. The kitchen is considered one of the “good candidates” to place a washing machine. Because this extra space already has a drainage and drainage system available.

Make the most of the space in the bathroom

If the house does not have an area, the most convenient is still to arrange a built-in laundry area in the bathroom. Water supply and drainage lines are pre-designed. It is not necessary to connect water pipes or wall compartments to connect the path. With a little ingenuity, you can completely arrange a convenient laundry corner. Ensure safety right in the bathroom. For small apartments, placing a washing machine in the bathroom both saves space and is convenient in washing. After changing clothes, you can always put them in the washing machine, ensuring the bathroom is always clean and tidy.

Effective decoration

To make laundry easier and less time-consuming, you should divide the laundry room into 5 functional areas: dirty laundry, hand washing, machine washing, ironing and storage. With dirty storage. Buy 3 baskets in three different colors or the same color. But clearly label them so that the members can actively divide into white and bright clothes. dark clothes; Light and delicate items need to be hand washed.

As for the machine washing area, you need to make sure that the washing machine is always placed in a dry place to avoid rust. At the same time, you should arrange washing water and fabric softener in this area for convenient use. With the hand washing area, homeowners often arrange in a separate corner, more carefully there will be a low partition to prevent water splashing around when washing.

Cheerful decoration

Usually when designing a laundry area, the minimalist style is still the right choice. The laundry area in an apartment, you don’t have to decorate it too fancy and stylish. However, it does not mean that you leave the laundry room/washing corner empty and monotonous. Laundry work will no longer be tedious if you know how to make the space scientific and beautiful.

Art paintings or decorative LED lights will give you an outstanding and different space. And try choosing a striking color palette for the walls or using art. Choose bright colors like blue, mint green, yellow to paint new shelves and cabinets at the laundry room. Accentuate the laundry area. Discard its simplicity. And do the same with plastic or rattan storage baskets.

It can be said to decorate the family laundry corner with different colors. Not only brings youthful beauty, full of vitality. It also contributes to separating this area from other functional spaces.


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