Bathroom Remodeling Guide for Everyone

Bathroom remodeling is a matter of planning and thought. Because this is the place that leaves the most personal impression of the owner. However, it’s a pretty big investment, enough for anyone to think before they start. If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom then need some help figuring out how to do it right. We’ll provide tips as a guide to doing this bathroom remodeling. 

Three important points to pay attention to before remodeling your bathroom

First, maintainability. Choosing paint finishes not only keeps the look clean and new, but also saves money because of the high maintenance time. Consider the following ideas for a low-maintenance bathroom. For example, it is recommended to use marble shelves, quality faucets, glass shower doors that are treated with water resistance, etc.

Second, save energy. One of the biggest advantages of the house is energy savings. The situation of water and electricity does not increase will be the most obvious advantage that every homeowner wants. And it is also the best way to reduce the burden of the environment. Therefore, when planning, invest in items such as: low-flow toilets and faucets, LED lights instead of traditional incandescent lights, radiant floor systems, insulated windows.

Third, the bathroom is airy and bright. Bright and airy space is what every room is looking for. Usually, the bathroom is the place with the least amount of natural light, so homeowners need to invest time and money to upgrade it. You can try the following to make it brighter and more airy:

  • More windows and skylights
  • Use light for different purposes in the bathroom
  • Choose tiles and reflective surfaces when thinking about a bathroom remodel

Do’s and Don’ts When Renovating Bathrooms


You should find design inspiration first. Every project must start from a plan with an estimated cost. Let’s start with ideas from your hobby. Remember that you don’t have to strictly adhere to a particular style. Feel free to choose elements from different styles until you get a look you love. And pay attention to your budget.

Should keep the neutral of the high-end items. Because remodeling a bathroom is a huge expense. One of our favorite tips is to keep your luxury items as neutral as possible. In particular, we are talking about things like tile floors or shower designs. Allowing these features to be like a blank canvas will make it easier for you to change your design rather than trend. Make sure they have a much broader appeal if you want to sell the home.

Remember that including these neutral elements won’t make your bathroom boring. Express your personality through details and accessories because they are something that can change over time. Think about using a few visually striking elements like bold paint colors, mirrors, hand towels, and floor coverings. Make sure to include some innovative hosting solutions.

Attention to the shower. Just like any other room, the bathroom needs a focal point or a design element to attract attention. According to research, a luxurious shower is one of the good features to highlight the space. Think of it this way, you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of showers and heated floors right now, with the added benefit of knowing your investment is sure to succeed.

Interestingly, in the same study, they showed that soaking tubs fell out of favor. Many people feel they are not used very often and take a lot of time and effort to clean. Consider skipping this expense if your primary goals and interests don’t cover it.

It is advisable to infuse it with quality light. The biggest energy efficient you can add to your bathroom is an LED lighting system. This lighting system uses 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lamps and is 25 times more durable. Besides, this lamp has a very beautiful appearance with many colors and is safe to be near water.

They are easy to install anywhere in the bathroom, making them perfect for handmade projects. Besides lighting, they can act as: To add color to the water in the bath or sink. Make color wash effect on wall, wall mirror backlight, counter or shelf light.

It is advisable to build a floating vanity. To make the bathroom seem larger, skip the built-in cabinets and expand the space. One best way to do this is to build a bathroom counter or vanity that seems to float. Another way to get the look is to skip the traditional vanity base and use a sofa table with open shelves underneath.


No cost estimation . Once you have the inspiration in mind, it is extremely important to be realistic about the budget. You have to consider how much to spend. While it’s not the easiest task to undertake, looking at your finances will help you figure out which aspect of your renovation is most feasible for you.

There are several things you can help keep your project affordable. Get quotes from multiple contractors before you decide to hire any to find the right cost. Search material stores with discounted prices, keeping your most expensive items neutral.

Storage places should not be discarded . If there’s one feature of a bathroom remodel that doesn’t get much attention but is still appreciated, it’s the storage capacity. Whether you want to transplant extra toiletries or a guest set of towels, having them on hand whenever you need them is an incredible benefit.

If you have the room, consider building a wall for an additional built-in storage and shelving unit. Even if a wall move is out of your budget, find an organizer that matches your aesthetic. Doing so will give your space a shine, quality worth the effort and expense. Make your shower your showcase.

Overlooked vanity. The bathroom vanity is a feature you can make a big statement with. Options with double sinks, large mirrors and multiple compartments are on trend. If possible, choose one with a luxurious finish in a material like granite or marble to add visual interest to the space.

Remember you can always change the look of your existing vanity if needed. Giving it a fresh coat of paint is a super simple handmade project that will change the look of a room. You can move the drawers or even buy a new dresser from a hardware store to refresh the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Completing a bathroom remodel is an exciting yet equally daunting experience. On the other hand, there are few things more satisfying than knowing that you’ve put your own personal stamp on your home. On the other hand, these projects can be frighteningly expensive, but if you find the right way, they can be successful without spending too much.

Are you done with your bathroom remodel now? Can you share any tips from your own experience? Let us know in the comments section.

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