7 Failproof Fall Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Fall decorations are typically found on front doors, dining tables, and above fireplace mantels, but bathrooms can also benefit from a seasonal makeover. Whether you want to add some fall warmth to a powder room, primary bathroom, or guest bath, our decorating ideas will help you do just that. A few accessories, a swath of orange or yellow, and a few simple swaps are all that is required for a quick fall bathroom makeover ideas.

Fall Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Many of the same fall decorating ideas that work in other rooms of the house also work in the bathroom. Incorporate seasonal elements such as pumpkins and gourds, as well as nature-inspired accents and materials, and add pops of fall color. DIY fall decorations and crafts also add a personal touch.

Keep fall bathroom decorating ideas focused and impactful because bathrooms are typically small and lack as much display space as a living room or dining room. Don’t forget about the practical aspects of a bathroom. Keep your accessories simple so they don’t get in the way of your daily activities. Bathrooms are also prone to moisture due to steamy showers and splashy sinks, and delicate materials and vintage finds may not withstand the test of time. With these factors in mind, let us inspire you with our favorite fall-themed bathroom decor ideas.

Use Natural Elements

Embrace nature in your fall bathroom decorating. Natural elements such as leaves, branches, pampas grass, and dried flowers add a relaxed fall vibe. Place a vase of colorful grasses or branches with berries on your bathroom sink. Repeat the color from the arrangement on other accessories such as soap dispensers or hand towels.

Include Fall Colors on The Rug

A seasonal rug will help to anchor your space. Simply replacing your existing floor covering with one in a fall palette of rich oranges, vibrant reds, or golden yellows is a simple fall bathroom decor makeover. When choosing a seasonal rug, consider the colors that already exist in your bathroom. Choose a carpet with fall colors that complement blue on the color wheel if your bathroom color scheme is based on blue.

Maintain Simplicity

Bathrooms are often functional spaces with little room for extra decoration. Make your fall bathroom deliberate and selective. Choose one color to emphasize and repeat it a few times throughout the room. Add a few accessories in your chosen color and a pumpkin or two to complete your fall decorating.

Showcase a Collection

Arrange a collection of vases in one fall color on a shelf in your bathroom. Translucent glassware, such as these yellow vessels, adds color without adding much visual weight, which is ideal for small bathrooms. For maximum impact, vary the heights, textures, and shapes of your containers. As a finishing touch, fill one or two with some fall branches.

Put Vanity Centerpieces

Warm colors provide a welcoming counterpoint to the hard surfaces and utilitarian aspects of a bathroom. Another layer of comfort is added by the fall foliage. Pampas grass adds a plume of feathery leaves that are appropriate for both eclectic and traditional tastes.

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