8 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen to Make It More Luxurious with Minimal Cost

Renovating kitchen becomes something that is considered to be spending a lot of money, especially if you want a luxurious look. However, there are easy ways to renovate the kitchen to be more luxurious with a minimal cost, such as the following.

Use interesting tiles

If you want to add something special to your kitchen, tiles can be a focal point to make all the difference. Thin tiles with a slate effect can elevate a simple wardrobe into something real. To keep costs down, try using only a few tiles as a backsplash or area behind the stove and some applying paint to the walls.

Use darker color cabinets

Painting cabinets in a darker, ultra-matt color like gray or black helps create a luxurious feel. Choose shades with deep pigmentation for a high-quality look. It’s a good idea to remove the handles and hinges to avoid painting on them and get a nice finish. Also, it is necessary to sand the unit and use a suitable primer before using the color of your choice. Paint with a brush or roller, but for an even finish, spray paint on the cabinets.

Choose a good dining chair

If you have an open kitchen with a dining area, creating a very stylish dining area can be a way to create a luxurious kitchen. Choose a chair that looks good and stands out, it doesn’t have to be a designer chair, just something that you like and that can make the kitchen look more luxurious even in minimal cost.

Choose wood veneer

Can’t afford handcrafted solid wood kitchen cabinets? Wood veneer can be a solution and has a cheaper price. Apart from that, it offers a sleek and very trendy retro look. When choosing wood veneer, think about where the veneer will flow in your kitchen. Avoid bumping the wood if the floor is made of wood, this is probably not something to add to the kitchen.


Wallpaper can add an upscale feel that looks a little more expensive, especially if things are very simple.

Hang some pendants

Metallic pendants are a modern favorite element in the kitchen. A pair of cool and contemporary metal pendants placed above the kitchen island table unit can add a touch of luxury without the need to spend deeply.

Setting the kitchen island table

Use a kitchen island table and bar stools, then add stylish lighting for a luxurious, star-quality dining room.

Change equipment

Think about the finishing touches that matter. Attaching alternative handles to the kitchen can help it feel more expensive. The vintage-style metal cup handles have a fun period look that’s both classic and understated. In addition, invest in good quality faucets. Not only does this add a slightly more expensive finish to the kitchen, it’s also more fun to work with. You don’t have to choose a high-end model, but choose a mid-range model that fits your budget and looks luxurious.

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