8 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Coffee Table

Coffee table is one of the furniture that needs to be present in the family room or living room. Aside from being the focal point of the room, coffee table is a functional decoration to beautify the room and extra storage space.  However, there are some common mistakes when decorating a coffee table as follows.

Unfit flower

Decorating a coffee table is very easy. Putting some flowers in a vase on it can also make the table and room look attractive. However, the size of the flower must be considered. If they are too high, the flowers can block the view and make the room look narrower.

Too many decorations

Decorating a coffee table can enhance its appearance, but don’t overdo it with too many decor items. The overcrowded appearance makes the coffee table look like a table used to sell various knick-knacks in markets or shops. 

Using ornaments with the same material

Diversity is the key to making a coffee table look attractive. However, avoid using ornaments whose material is the same as the coffee table or the sofa. If you put wooden decorative items on a wooden table, the two look too uniform so people won’t notice them. Combine materials to make the table and the room in which it is placed have more personality. For example, a wooden coffee table with iron decorative items. 

Put a TV remote on the coffee table

Some people put the television (TV) remote on the coffee table to make it easier to turn the TV on or off. However, its presence can actually make the coffee table look messy. Hide the TV remote in a drawer or in a storage area such as a decorative box or tray.

Putting piles of books and magazines

Same with the TV remote, people who like to read in the family room or living room will put their favorite books and magazines on the coffee table. Although it can be arranged in such a way as a table decoration , you should put magazines on magazine racks and bookshelves.  A few large books that are part of the décor make the table look attractive, but don’t overdo it.

Not paying attention to the proportion of decoration items

This is a very common error that occurs. On one side, there are large tables with small ornaments. On the other side, there was a table filled with large decorative items. You must pay attention to the proportions of each decoration item first before placing it on the coffee table to create a harmonious look. 

Putting decoration recklessly

Decoration items are not just placed in the center of the coffee table. Interior designers say, you must use all table surfaces in a balanced and safe manner. However, this advice often makes people misguided. The easiest thing to do is to divide the coffee table into four sections (quadrants). First, decorate the opposite corner with large decor items, while the other two corners with small items and fill with ornamental plants or candles. 

Using one item

Another mistakes that often occurs is the decor with one item such as candles of different sizes or boxes purchased abroad.

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