8 Interior Decorating Ideas to Refresh Your Home in Fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year: There is a blue sky, the air is cool, the leaves change color, and leisure time activity begins to shift from outdoors to indoors. It’s also the time of year when we want to cozy up our indoor spaces, making things more welcoming for the cooler weather and winter to come. Fall decor is often centered on the front door, but there are plenty of ways to make your decor fall-friendly and feel warm regardless of your decorating style. Here are 8 ways to add a spirit of the season to your home interior.


Switching to warmer colors is the first and most obvious way to make a room feel fall. Of course, not everyone can repaint a room, but there are many other ways to incorporate colors beyond swapping out the throw pillows in the living room. Try shopping for what has fall tones. This way, cross over your artwork, accessories, drapes and even chairs for pieces with the right color. Then, rearrange the living room, bedroom or kitchen with seasonal pieces. Enhance accessories to emphasize its coziness.

New Lights

As the days get shorter and the nights last longer, it’s a great time to add or upgrade lights and sound is a great place to start. Warm lighting will make the whole house seem more welcoming. Try adding a pair of lights to skim your front door outside. Or, maybe the entrance is a bit dark and needs something. Even a darker area of ​​the living room can often benefit from light.

Decorate The Entrance

Whether you like super seasonal decor like this or not, the entrance panel is the first place to take a break in the fall. It sets the stage for the rest of your home and greets visitors with a dose of fall cheer. How you choose to decorate is up to you and your own taste, but it can range from whimsical Halloween decor to classic pieces paired with quintessential fall accent. For minimalists, some earthy candlesticks or fruit displays are a good choice, especially if you’re not a fan of pumpkin decorations!

New Kitchen Rug

Give your kitchen a fall color with a new rug. This is another easy option for any kitchen style, even one with an all-white color palette like this one. Sure, counter accessories can have a seasonal feel, but if adding items to the counter is undesirable, order a fresh new rug in some signature color.

Plaid Pattern

Plaid is another avenue to a more autumnal feel. This works well in the bedroom, where simply changing the comforter can transform the space. If the bedding is neutral, try some plaid throws in a color that complements your decor. In other rooms, add plaid or pillow accessories to pillows or sheets. When you feel bold and want to go all with plaid? Add an armchair upholstered in a seasonal plaid or re-upholster your dining chair in a plaid textile.

Add Rustic Touch

For a more airy touch of fall decor, placing your fireplace with some pieces of wood is the way to go for the decor. This is especially true if your home is more modern. Installing seasonal wood paneling allows you to entertain in elegant pleasure, but without changing the overall vibe of the space.

Copper Decorations

If there’s one metal that really captures fall, it’s copper. More than just a blend of orange, copper adds shine and perfectly accentuates other elements you’d normally associate with fall: colored leaves, dried plant materials. Of course, copper is used year-round in decor, but it’s completely natural to come this season, especially when combined with other seasonal elements.

Seasonal Flowers

Those who like fresh flowers need not feel limited to decorating for seasonal arrangements. Combine natural greenery with some blooming flowers in a subtle color and you’ve got a romantic fall atmosphere.

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