5 Beautiful Small Bathroom Design Tips You Must Know

It will be a lot easier if you are lucky enough to own a spacious bathroom space, to realize the perfect design ideas. However, not every house is like that, especially with the narrow houses in the city today. Therefore, homeowners often face difficulties from the process of designing, decorating or choosing bathroom furniture. If you are in that situation, try the following 5 beautiful small bathroom design tips!

Note when designing a small bathroom 

Bathroom space will have a great influence on the health and fortune of the owner. Therefore, the design of the bathroom, especially for small bathrooms, cannot be taken lightly. Here are some important notes when designing a small bathroom that you must know.

  • When arranging a small bathroom, it should not be built in the same direction as the kitchen, or right next to the kitchen. Because it will cause inconvenience and create an unhygienic feeling for users. It is not recommended to build a bathroom under the stairs because it is easy to cause a feeling of mystery and discomfort.
  • The bathroom area needs to be ventilated, light enough, easy to circulate air and always clean to prevent bacteria from multiplying. In addition, to create a feeling of dryness in the bathroom, it should be designed with a reasonable background slope to ensure drainage and convenience during use.

Beautiful small bathroom design tips

Beautiful small bathroom design using light colored tiles

When arranging bathroom furniture, it is extremely important to coordinate the color of the floor tiles with the wall color. Using tiles on the walls and floors in light colors will make the sense of space in the bathroom much larger. Light-colored tiles will make it easier for the walls and floor to reflect the light emitted by the lamp. The strong light reflection often makes it difficult for people to determine the actual area they perceive.

In addition, light-colored tiles also make it easier for homeowners to clean the bathroom, through which, the room will always be kept like new. This is extremely important in the design of the bathroom, because a clean toilet space often feels more spacious and comfortable to use.

Use mirrors in bathroom design to cheat the area

One of the best ways to “cheat” the area is to use a large mirror placed in the bathroom. Not only applied to the bathroom, using a large mirror is also one of the effective ways to expand the small bedroom space. 

When using a large mirror in the bathroom, the space will be fully reflected through the glass surface. This creates a visual illusion, making people feel that the bathroom is larger than it really is.

Using large tiles creates a feeling of spaciousness

An effective way to help expand the beautiful small bathroom space is to use large sized tiles to tile the floor and wall of the bathroom. The use of large tiles will help minimize the border between the bricks. From there, giving the bathroom the feeling of a unified whole. And distort the sense of the size of the bathroom. The room seems to be larger than it really is.

Choose a glass partition to make the bathroom more airy

There are many people who want to separate the space inside the bathroom into separate areas such as: bathing area, toilet area, toilet area. This makes the space divided into many parts. From there, causing a feeling of congested and cramped. And the best way to both divide the bathroom space and maintain the spaciousness is to use glass partitions. Thanks to the transparent structure from the glass layer, light can still reach every corner, bringing ventilation to the room.

Mixing contrasting colors

Using colors with high contrast or contrasting shades is also a way to design a beautiful small bathroom. Apply the “unbeatable” color scheme in interior design , and you will easily own a beautiful and extremely attractive small bathroom.

First, prioritize choosing bright colors as the main colors, helping to create a clean and airy feeling such as colors: white, cream white, terracota.

Next is the choice of complementary tones depending on your preferences. However, it should be noted that high-gloss paint or wall tiles should be selected. So that when combining 2 tones, it will create uniformity and support each other. Remember that too many colors should not be used in the bathroom, as it is easy to confuse the view. It can even have the opposite effect, making the bathroom more cluttered and cramped. It is best to use only 2-3 colors.

Above are 5 beautiful small bathroom design tips that are super effective and easy to apply. We hope the information in the article will be useful to you. 

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