5 Popular Christmas Decoration Themes You Can Try!

Find the best popular Christmas decoration from the start. The reason is by determining the Christmas decorations in your home will look harmonious and beautiful. On the other hand, if there is no specific theme, a decoration can appear messy and less harmonious.

Now, speaking of Christmas decorations themselves, there are several themes that are popularly used. From classic to modern themes, all of them look beautiful and can liven up the Christmas atmosphere at home. Com and see what are the popular Christmas decoration themes below!


As the name suggests, the classic theme becomes a classic theme and is quite commonly used in Christmas decorations. Because, this theme can give a festive impression that is very typical of Christmas.

You can present classic and traditional themed Christmas decorations by using red and green knick-knacks. This color can be present in any Christmas ornament, from Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, to other decorations.


If you want a Christmas decoration that looks as it is but still feels aesthetic, try using a rustic theme. Rustic-themed Christmas decorations usually use nature-themed items, such as decorations made from wood, fresh leaves, and vintage-inspired knick-knacks. As a result, Christmas decorations in your home will feel comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Winter Wonderland

There is nothing wrong with bringing a winter atmosphere through Christmas decorations themed on a winter wonderland in your home.

This theme uses white and silver as its main colors. This theme aims to give the impression that you are in a forest covered in snow, so that your Christmas decorations will feel magical.

Glam Gold

The decoration theme on this one is almost similar to a winter wonderland, but the impression it gives is much more elegant and looks glamorous.

Christmas decorations with a glam gold theme use lots of metallic colored objects, such as gold and silver. In addition, there is also a touch of white to bring the impression of snow to your Christmas decorations.


This one theme will be perfect for those of you who want a simple and minimalist impression on Christmas decorations at home. As the name implies, the natural theme uses natural colors such as green and brown. You can use a faux Christmas tree, a wreath of leaves, or a natural green arrangement of leaves, then add ornaments in matching colors. As a result, Christmas decorations in your home will look refreshing.

So, those are some popular Christmas decoration themes, is there a decoration theme that you like?

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