5 Japanese Modern Home Inspirations

The Japanese house is well known for its reputation as a home with simplicity, minimalism, and smart with space. Densely populated housing and complex planning regulations, result in unique, creative and innovative residential designs. Some Japanese houses combine a brutal and minimalist design style as a building image, and some use natural materials such as wood or other factory materials such as steel, polycarbonate and many others, but by sticking to a minimalist concept where the combination of materials in one building is generally not many. Solving the complex problems of a building and land problems is the starting point for architects to produce ingenious and innovative designs. Here are some inspirations for modern Japanese home to try.

House Tokyo by Unemori Architects

A small house located in a densely populated neighborhood of the Japanese capital. A house consisting of several stacked boxes, with corrugated steel as a cover, and built on 279 sq ft of land. Although built in a dense area, this house still pays attention to natural light and wind flow. This house has a direct connection with the outside view from the large designed windows. This house is separated into 2 floors, with a total floor area of 548 sq ft.

Iwakura House by ALTS Design Office

A reconstruction building with a 3-storey structure, surrounded by low-rise buildings. The first floor of the house functions as an open space that connected to the outside. While the living room located on the third floor, where the concept of this living room placed on the 3rd floor to take advantage of the surrounding scenery. All building materials are a combination of concrete and wood, providing the best minimalist value.

House in Goshikiyama by Tomohiro Hata Architects and Associates

A house built for five family members in a very small location along the railroad tracks. With an open plan concept, where there are very few barriers (walls). The materials used in the entire building exposed concrete as the floor, white walls and white steel as the spiral staircase. This spiral staircase has a concept as an approach to connecting the inside and outside, connecting spaces and places. With lots of windows along the way from the ground floor to the top for natural light.

Melt house by SAI Architecture design studios

A house with a minimalist exterior, using corrugated walls as the (only) material and the use of white as the main color for the entire exterior. With curved walls and folding doors that can separate and or connect different rooms in the house. It is a small house designed with a yard that is twice as high as a dry garden. The dry garden of this house is the heart of the house, placed between the kitchen and living room.

Slender house by FORM Kouichi Kimura Architects

A house that carries a minimalist concept with a bold touch , located in one of the busiest neighborhoods in Japan, Shiga. The architect in this house design made maximum use of a narrow and dense plot of land. This modern house has a box-shaped volume with a dynamic layout. With a dark color palette used on the exterior, and using concrete and metal as the main materials. The closed facade provides privacy, while carefully placed windows frame the view.

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