Important, Avoid 7 Mistakes in Designing the Outdoor Area of a Minimalist House

Decorating a minimalist home is a fun activity, especially if the goal is to get a new atmosphere. However, sometimes the fun makes people forget the limits of “enough” when decorating. Often you only focus on shaping the indoor design. In fact, an attractive and appropriate outdoor display is also able to attract family and guests who visit. Thus, it is not surprising to find mistakes in designing and decorating the outdoor of the house because the owner is more knowledgeable about indoor decoration. Here are 7 fatal mistakes to avoid when designing a minimalist home outdoor.

Arranging Outdoor with Indoor Concept

Often those of you who are arranging outdoor spaces forget the function and concept. Accustomed to decorating the room inside makes it difficult for you to focus on determining what furniture should be added in the outdoor room.

Removing the living room sofa and coffee table that are indoors to the outdoors, such as a terrace or backyard garden is not the right choice. The use of outdoor and indoor furniture may be different and cannot be generalized as such. Outdoor furniture is tailored to the weather resistance of its materials. Therefore, choosing rattan, wicker, and other lightweight materials can be an option to decorate the outdoor space.

Too Much Furniture

You must remember that the function of creating a comfortable outdoor space will be different from the indoor space. Outdoor serves as a place to relax and rest that is more enjoyable because it is close to nature. Indoor, on the other hand, serves as a place that supports productive activities at home.

Therefore, ensuring that the outdoor space becomes a comfortable place to relax is by providing a spacious and spacious space for the owner. Ensure that the furniture that complements it will not fill the room.

Make Everything Look Harmonious

The furniture that is presented in the outdoor space does not always have to match one another. You can add any material, color, and size according to your taste. Freely using your creativity is the key to making your outdoor space more attractive, rather than following a neatly structured and harmonious concept like an indoor space.

This is because the outdoor concept is more tied to nature, so using natural nuances that tend to be free and relaxed is worth trying. Choose items from your collection that look good when placed outdoors in a minimalist home. It’s also a good idea to choose furniture made of wood and aluminum for weather resistance.

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