7 Ways to Repair Broken Furniture Yourself

In the long-term process of living, it is inevitable that the furniture in your home will be damaged and degraded. Now you are faced with two options: buy new, dispose of the old or repair and reuse it for something else. The second way is not only economically beneficial, helping you save money, reducing waste to the environment, but also an opportunity for you to show your creativity and skillfully save old furniture in the house. This article we suggest you 7 ideas that guaranteed to inspire you to immediately start repair and repurpose old and broken furniture in your home. Let’s learn and update more ideas for yourself!

Treatment of cracks on the surface of wooden furniture

Needless to say, wooden furniture is very popular and loved in the construction and interior decoration market in Vietnam. This is a rather haughty item, requiring you to always take care and maintain it regularly to keep it as beautiful as it was in the beginning and long-lasting. 

One of the common problems with this type of furniture is surface cracking. The cause may be due to impact from the environment, temperature, wood quality. Although the consequences are not serious, it directly affects the aesthetics and shape of the item. To handle it, you can do the following:

  •  Use beeswax to spread on the surface of the crack, then dry, re-paint with varnish.
  •  Use dilute iodide alcohol to pour on the surface, rub vigorously every other day.
  •  Use wood glue. 

Repaint old stuff

Old items that have peeled off the outer paint and mold on the surface but it still retains the shape and texture, the main function is still in good use, it is a waste if you decide to throw it away and buy a new one. In this case, the simplest is to repaint, change new appearance for old items. Immediately you will have a beautiful item like new without spending much time and effort. 

Wobbly chair

This discomfort must have been experienced by everyone at least once or twice. You can easily repair wobbly chair and table thanks to wine corks. Wine corks are made of cork or oak. It has a certain firmness, but is still easy to shape and cut with a knife. Take advantage of these discarded corks, cut them up to fit, and place them on the legs of the wobbly chairs. 

Old stairs

Give your stairs a new look by painting the railings in a new color. Or invest in completely renewing the stair railing with new designs and designs. 

Flowerpots, old vases as lamp bases

Combining two old pieces, you will have a new, more stylish and unique piece of furniture. An old lamp post and an unused vintage vase, who would have thought of such an amazing effect?

Replace the sofa cover

Another solution to help you save money on new items: change the outer fabric of the chair.

Mildew on glass window

Home glass care is often neglected. As a result, there is often a crust on the glass that spoils the beauty. In fact, poorly maintained glass indicates a health problem. The mildew on the glass that is already very severe is a medium for the development of microorganisms that cause skin diseases. The presence of crust is usually followed by the growth of mold on the glass usually caused by raindrops that are not cleaned immediately so that the glass becomes damp. As a result, the glass is easily infested with bacteria. Therefore, the preventive measure against the development of bacteria is to clean the glass regularly. Here are the steps to clean mildew on glass.

Tools and Materials Used

  • Wire sponge
  • Sprayer
  • Glass cleaner that contain alcohol
  • Dry cotton cloth

Steps How to Repair a Crusted Glass Door

  • Spray glass cleaner on the crusted area, then wipe with a dry cloth until clean.
  • Scrub the surface of the glass with wire sponge which is usually used for washing dishes. Try not to be too strong so that the glass does not scratch.
  • To clean the corner glass, you can use a wooden tip wrapped in steel fibers.
  • In this section do not use water because the crust will easily resurface.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth until the glass is clean of steel fibers.

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