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These 15 Wooden Furnitures You can DIY at Home

Who doesn’t like wooden furniture? Whatever the form, wooden furniture is still a favorite in any dwelling in the world, regardless of the city’s infrastructure. This article summarizes some examples of DIY wooden furnitures designs as household furniture, ranging from bunk beds, multipurpose shelves to kitchen pantry. The following wooden furniture will probably make you fall in love and want to own it. You can even make your own with or without the help of an expert.

Bunk bed with sofa underneath

Bunk beds are mandatory wooden furniture in children’s bedrooms in the past, as well as today. With a little engineering, bunk beds will fit in the bedrooms of teenagers and adults. Beds made of oak or teak are heavy, but they can last for years.

Functional kitchen furniture

The flexible nature of wood makes it easy to shape into versatile furniture. At first glance, this kitchen cabinet looks like a small shelf and a drawer at the bottom. There is a pair of doors that also function as a place to store kitchen spices.

Wooden bed with canopy

This is the perfect choice to spend a romantic evening with your partner. Imagine the intimate atmosphere you can enjoy in the arms of a wooden bed. You can also add decorative elements according to taste.

Wall and ceiling decoration

This is an example of a design to decorate a narrow room using wood elements. Call a carpenter if you can’t make it on your own and show him this design. There are no words to describe the beauty of the wall panels and roof with the glowing lights behind them.

Versatile shelf

Shelves that are divided into several areas can be used to place boxes according to their contents. Very appropriate for children’s playrooms that are easily messy. Storing toys in separate boxes will also make it easier for children to find the objects they want. This diy wooden furnitures maker deserves some credit. Wooden shelves are deliberately made heavy so that they are not easy to shift and fall on children.

Magic shelf

Do you want to have storage space but limited space at home? This shelf is no more than 8 inches wide, but quite tall. Herbs and spices rack sticking to the wall, because the boards are drawn exactly like the walls. This wooden shelf is made heavy enough so that it doesn’t collapse easily.

Recycled furniture

Give your regular carpenter a rise if he succeeds in making furniture from unused materials. For example the coffee table in this photo. Can you believe that the upper of the table was once a door?

Tree House

Children will love to play in these houses which are not only beautiful, but also safe.

Make understairs storage

The space under the stairs can be used for storage. You simply order wooden furniture that suits the conditions and situations of this kind of space.

Garden accessories

Not only in the house, wood is also the right material to complement your small garden. Can be used for fences, pots, patio floors, plant beds, or plant hangers.


Wooden doors are usually used as room dividers, access to exit and enter a room. If you don’t currently have a wooden door in your house, ask your carpenter to make one.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is a room where the wood element dominates. In addition to the bed, wood can be used as a base for a wardrobe or a bench at the end of the bed.

Study desk or work desk

The furniture for the work or study room is also dominated by wood. With metal legs and floating wood-iron shelf, this table give a rustic industrial feeling to your home office. Try to make it using leftover woods and metal pipes, not only cheap, DIY furnitures will be absolute unique piece that you will not find it anywhere else.

Bed with drawers

This one furniture design can be applied if you want to maximize the function of the bed. A chest of drawers can be used for resting, as well as storing your personal belongings.

Reading nook

This kind of furniture is still rarely used in homes. Even though this can be a solution for those of you who want to have a special place to be alone, but the available space is quite limited. Maximize the function of your private corner as a wardrobe and self-respecting area.

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