7 DIY Iron Pipes Decoration Ideas for Home

What do you think of when you hear the word iron pipe? What are very large diameter pipe logs used for the petroleum industry? Or the water pipes for the sewers in the corner of the city? Maybe stainless pipes that are widely used for the furniture industry? Or even more unique, DIY iron pipes home decoration that you can make yourself?

Well, there are quite a lot of functions of iron pipes, depending on what type of iron pipe is used. There are various types of iron pipes on the market, ranging from welded and seamless gas pipes, galvanized water pipes, hollow pipes / boxes with various layers, and oval pipes made of stainless steel. However, did you know that iron pipes can be easily transformed into a functional, industrial-style home decoration?

Check out our ideas below to turn ordinary iron pipes into DIY ( Do-It-Yourself ) industrial-style home decorations.


Having trouble tidying up your pile of books? This iron bookshelf might be able to make your stack of books tidier. In addition, bookshelves that are attached to the wall tend not to take up much space. Not only books, these iron pipe shelves can be a place to put other items to make them look even more cool.

Kitchen Shelves

Kitchen shelves, which are usually made with wooden frames, can now be combined with iron pipes to make them even stronger. Buffet rack made of iron is proven to be able to withstand heavier loads. You can place various spice jars, cutlery, and food processing machines on this shelf. In addition, a simple design can make your kitchen look wider.

Bar Shelves

This shelf with wheel legs at the bottom makes it easy for you to tidy up drinks and snacks that are served to guests. Not only that, this mini bar rack can also be used when you are holding an outdoor party.

Clothing Rack

Tired of your wardrobe getting fuller and more? Try making the iron and wood pipes that you have in your warehouse into industrial-style clothes hangers. This clothes hanger is suitable for those of you who live in an apartment and need a minimalist wardrobe arrangement.

Jewelry and Accessories Hangers

Organizing jewelry and accessories can be a chore. Sometimes the jewelry and accessories that we have can be lost or lying carelessly. Well, this iron pipe jewelry hanger can be an alternative for those of you who have a lot of jewelry but have little time to tidy it up.

Decorative lights

Who would have thought that the lights arranged in the creation of these iron frames could look so beautiful! Not only that, these iron pipes can also be transformed into various unique and interesting shapes. Wow, so I want to make it fast!.

Chair and table

Maybe it’s common sense if the iron pipe is one of the materials to arrange a chair or table. But who would have thought the results could be this interesting. Industrial style is indeed very suitable for those of you who like minimalist and functional designs.

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