10 Tips for Study Desk Decorations Ideas for Fun Studying

The study desk is an important thing for those of you who are still in college or in school. Its main function is for you to study and do assignments. Usually study at the desk makes you bored quickly. Isn’t that right? This could have happened because of the same study table design. Just a plain table without any decoration. If you get bored quickly at your desk, maybe it’s time for you to give decorations for your study desk to be more enthusiastic when completing assignments.

How to Decorate a Study Desk for More Fun Studying

Here, we gives some easy study table decoration tips, but the results are aesthetic and cool. Don’t forget to take notes!

Present a stylish monochrome color

For those of you who like black and white themes, you will definitely be interested in this study table decoration idea. Monochrome is always suitable to be chosen to decorate anything. To get a monochrome study table decoration, it only takes a few steps. Prepare black and white items, then arrange them as you wish. An orderly and neat study desk certainly makes you excited when doing assignments.

Add schedule board

Often forget the schedule or appointments? Maybe you need to add an activity board to your desk decoration. It doesn’t need to be large , as long as it’s enough to write all your activities.

Apart from being a reminder of activities, this schedule board can also be used as a calendar. You only need to provide a whiteboard or a thick paperboard and colorful markers so that your desk looks more cheerful.

Hang some memorable photos

Do you like photography and have a photo collection? Why not just display it?

Taking photos with family and friends will make you more enthusiastic about learning. No need to print large photos, you only need to print them in polaroid size. After all the photos are collected, you can display them on the study table using hemp rope. Done! It not only evokes memory, but also esthetics!

Tumblr-style study desk design

If this one study table decoration idea is certainly a favorite of many people. Besides being easy to imitate, the end result is also Instagramable. Add some snippets from magazines as well as your own DIY calendar. Try to keep the desk tidy so that it is not cramped when studying or doing assignments. Not only Insta-ready but also very personal, right?

Black for the mysterious

For those of you who want to display an elegant and mysterious impression, you can add black to the decoration of the study table. Don’t worry, black decorations won’t make you lazy to study, wareally. Instead, it will make you excited to do the job.

Choose black furniture, then arrange it according to your wishes. In addition, you can also combine several other colors to make it look eye catching.

Install floating shelves for narrow spaces

A narrow bedroom is not an obstacle to having an attractive study table decoration that makes you excited to learn. You can work around this by installing floating shelves above the study table.

Choose floating shelves that match the decorations you want to display. If you are confused, just look at the color of your study table. You can fill these floating shelves with a collection of books or photos. But remember, make sure the floating shelves are firmly attached to the wall. You don’t want your book collection to fall apart, do you?

Create fairy fantasy with decorative lights

Want to make your desk look full of fairy fantasy in no time? Just add decorative lights. You can use Tumblr-style hanging decorative lights or other types of decorative lights.

In addition, you can also combine decorative lights with several wall displays. So it looks more aesthetic. Not only serves as a decoration, decorative lights also help lighting when you study.

Give a touch of bright color

Tired of black, white, or pastel colors in your desk decoration? That seems to be a sign that it’s time to play with bright colors. Choose furniture or bright color wall paint that you want to apply to the study table decoration. You can use yellow, orange, or pink to give a cheerful impression.

Plants always fit anywhere!

If you want to easily create a fresh room, just add plants. Likewise with the decoration of the study table so that you are more enthusiastic when doing the task. Plants are able to give a fresh touch through their green color. In addition, plants also make the room fresher!

However, you must remember to remove the plants at night. Because at night the plants will inhale CO2, later you will become congested. Another solution is to use indoor plants such as cacti and succulents.

 Display your idol’s poster

Well, tips on decorating a study table so that you are more enthusiastic when studying and doing assignments are by sticking posters of your idol figures. Show your love for idols through displays on the study table. You can print idol posters from photos from the internet or you can also buy official merchandise directly from the official store. Arrange as good as possible, for example by using a wire board or decorative lights.

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