Top 10 Recommendations for Halloween Decoration (Newest in 2022)

October is indeed closely related to Halloween celebrations. This celebration is very distinctive with a fun trick or treat or a gripping impression. To create the impression you want, of course you need a supportive decoration. Are you planning to celebrate Halloween this year?. In this article, we will provide tips on choosing a good and fitting Halloween decoration. Various interesting decoration for halloween are in our recommendations for 2022, such as decorations of  jack-o’-lantern shaped lanterns, cobwebs, and others. 

How to choose Halloween decorations

Decorations will determine the atmosphere you want at a Halloween party. Therefore, we will provide tips on choosing various Halloween decorations. Read the following points so that you don’t hesitate in choosing the decoration.

Choose decorations based on their placement

When choosing decorations for Halloween, consider where you will place them. You can hang decorations on the walls or just put them away. Each decoration model has its own advantages. Below, we will review them for you.

Decorations pasted on the walls will save space

Halloween decorations that can be hung on the wall or ceiling won’t make a room feel cramped. That way, you will feel more free when you are partying. Examples of this decoration can be garland, tinsel, balloons, stickers, and also lights. Keep in mind, when gluing decorations on the wall, make sure you choose a wall-friendly adhesive. Don’t let the adhesive damage your wall paint.

Decorations that are just placed will look more attractive

There are some decorations that can be simply placed, either on the table or on the floor. These decorations have an interesting shape and can make the Halloween atmosphere even more pronounced. In addition, you can easily arrange it outdoors. Even so, you need to pay attention to the area needed to place these items . Make sure there is enough space to organize the things you need.

Customize with the theme you want

Halloween is synonymous with horror and scary themes. However, now you can choose the theme you want. You can choose between spooky themes, funny or playful ones, and unique ones.

Spooky theme, choose one that looks real

Do you plan on celebrating Halloween this year to decorate your room with a spooky impression? If so, decoration that looks real is the right choice.  You can choose decorations in the form of ghosts, skulls, or cobwebs. In addition, objects that are identical to the impression of gore, such as tinsel decorated with sharp objects covered in blood can also be chosen.

Unique themes, choose anti-mainstream and attractive

To make your Halloween celebration even more memorable, you can choose unique themed decorations. You can also choose with flower arrangements or skull decorations to be placed in front of the door. These decorations can be used as to welcome the guests you have invited. 

Then, you can also color the dried flowers with black paint to create a more mysterious impression. Not only that, spider toys that glow in the dark can make Halloween celebrations even more unforgettable.

Playful themes, choose colorful and fun

On the other hand, there are also those who choose a playful theme for Halloween events . You can choose Jack-o’-lantern for a more pleasant impression. Balloons are no less interesting for a fun theme. To make it even more exciting, try to choose decorations that are identical to fall with orange and black colors.  Of course, you can also adjust the choice of theme to the people who take part in the Halloween event . If you are going to hold an event for children, try to choose a fun theme.

Consider practical decor

The third point that you should not miss is to consider practical decor. By choosing a decoration that is not complicated, of course you will be more excited to make a Halloween party, right?

Buy a set, it’s more economical

To make it easier for you when choosing Halloween decorations, you can choose that are sold in a set. This kind of decoration certainly has its own theme. That way, you don’t have to bother buying various items.  Just buy one set, you will get a complete and attractive one. In addition, decorations that are sold in sets may have a cheaper price.

For easy installation, choose one with a hook or adhesive

If you are planning to decorate the walls of your house for a Halloween party, be sure to choose products that already have hooks. Decorations with hooks are generally stronger and will not come off easily . But unfortunately, you need to stick it on a wall that already has nails.

In addition to hooks, some products are also equipped with adhesive or glue. Products with adhesives are certainly easier to install in various places. However, decorations that have a less strong adhesive make it easier to peel off .

Choose a simple model so it’s easy to tidy up

After the celebration is over, you inevitably have to clean and tidy up the room again. For some people, this activity is really troublesome. However, this will not happen if you choose a decoration with a simple model. 

Some examples of products that you can choose from, such as foil balloons with the words “Happy Halloween”, pumpkin-shaped lanterns, or toy bats. All of these products are easier to tidy up and you can immediately move them to a warehouse or other room.

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