7 Modern Curved Sofa for Sophisticated Home

Exit straight lines, make way for soft curves! Ideally positioned as a sofa, the curved sofa allows you to live disconnected from the wall to create cocoon areas and allow fluid circulation. Colorful, natural, in velvet, plush or cotton, with or without armrest, curved sofa is developed with creativity to offer a real alternative to modern living room decoration. In this article we review the trend of the curved sofa. From the corner model to the large panoramic sofa, via the small elliptical sofa, discover our best ideas.

Curved sofa with original design

Inspired by 1950s design, this curved sofa brings a touch of softness and originality to the living room. Its asymmetrical backrest with single armrest allows you to lie down on it, or will accommodate several seated guests. A sculptural form dressed in a fir green velvet fabric. A model magnified in a natural universe brought by the unique rug and the brass coffee table.

Living room with curved fabric sofa

The choice of the red color affirms the desire to mark the place of this sofa with curved shapes in the living room. Positioned as a highlight, this fabric model associated with an abstract painting behind. The whole creates a dynamic staging in this contemporary interior. To accentuate the casual chic style, we casually place a gray rug and wooden chair. 

Curved sofa with an elegant design

The curved design of this sofa is expressed at all levels. Observe the armrests, the seat, the lower part placed directly on the ground and you will grasp the originality of this model, of great serenity. Combined with the one-seater armchair, it creates a bubble of softness in the living room. 

Sofa with curved back

Designed around three armchairs assembled to make up a sofa with curved lines, this off-white sofa forms a beautiful ensemble with generous dimensions. Placed on the ground, without foot, it brings a solid and well-anchored presence. The backrest of the two modules at the ends incorporates a curved shape in which the seat cushions curled up. A neat design that gives it all its originality. The wood veneer wall simply and perfectly brings out the purity of this model.

Elliptical Sofa

A design very inspired by the 50s for this curved sofa. An elliptical shape dressed in a snow white fabric covering. As a highlight in the living room, it creates a cozy space. Even though they are both white, this curved sofa looks attractive and complements the white sofa in the tv room. Light gray walls and carpet add softness to the living room. Looks more modern and sophisticated.

Curved Corner Sofa

Perfect for large living rooms, this nicely sized corner sofa allows guests to be arranged face-to-face. The light blue fabric accentuates the feeling of softness and comfort. An invitation to sit in the living room and relax. The notes of color, and material brought by the cushions and coffee tables create a joyful and harmonious whole. 

Modular sofa with a curved shape

This off-white curved chair completes the simple and modern look in this beige monochrome living room. It should be noted that this living room has an open plan concept that blends with the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen cabinets and dining table along with the room curtains are all beige. The presence of an off-white curved sofa further accentuates the beauty of this room.

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