5 Tips for Styling Built-In Shelves Like A Pro

There are many ways to make a room feel spacious. Starting from choosing foldable furniture, choosing bright wall paint, to using skylights. In addition, you may need to use the idea of ​​taking advantage of the built-in shelf for your room. The idea of using a built-in shelves which is a planting rack can be an alternative to make the room more spacious. The minimalist design and adapting the room is perfect for a small house.

Add texture and height

Although my built-ins largely feature books, I also made a point of incorporating fun sculptural pieces, as well as baskets and boxes, into my displays. These elements are a great way to add texture, pattern and height to any shelf. Also, as a bonus, they often provide valuable storage space.

If you find yourself faced with empty vertical space, consider placing a bust sculpture, favorite vase, or candle holder next to a smaller piece to draw the eye upward.

Incorporate personality

You don’t want your shelves to only feature items from chains or discount stores when you can also feature sentimental items or special vintage finds. Take your time to collect all the pieces you want to display – don’t just fill a basket and call it a day. When you present elements that truly reflect.

Don’t know where to start? Start small. Personally, I love art supplies, so I liked placing little art supplies on my shelves. I also like to collect decorations, and I have several on display in located in various positions. The configuration is both functional and chic.

Spacing the collections

There is no need to display similar items. If you have a set of three candlesticks, for example, place two together and place the third on another shelf. Your built-ins will start to look like a store display if you keep everything too coordinated.

I also split the bookends so they sit on opposite shelves, which creates a neat visual effect. You can even split the elements entirely and use just one bookend from a set and place its companion in another room for a more artistic look.

Ignore Symmetry

It is also not necessary to arrange the elements symmetrically. Vary the placement of pieces to create interest, for example, if you place a vase on a shelf, you shouldn’t place another in the space directly above it. This strategy will help your overall display look well-organized and classy rather than cookie-cutter.

Spark Your Aesthetic

Purely utilitarian objects, such as books or digital clock. Save your shelf space for items with a bit of sparkle — ones that spark conversation, reflect your interests and aesthetic, and will bring you joy every time you see them.

As stated earlier, building up a collection of pieces you love can take time and you can take it slow. Thrift stores are a great resource for finding items with a bit of intrigue that won’t break the bank. Eventually, you’ll have too many display-worthy pieces to even consider decorating with mediocre items.

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