7 Spring Decor Ideas for Home and Garden

Spring decor can completely change the atmosphere in the house, its creation does not require much effort and large material investments. This article discusses several ways to implement extremely simple spring decor ideas. You can take a note of each and create something beautiful that can bring joy to yourself and your loved ones.

Spring associations

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. When it comes, everything around wakes up from hibernation, something new is born, inspiration appears that makes you create and change the environment around.

We would like to invite spring to home at this time, take it as an ally and feed on its energy. This can be done by creating a special decor. It must necessarily be associated or identified with the time of universal awakening.

To find the right connections, you can go outside and ask passers-by what objects and phenomena they associate with the beginning of spring. Many, when listing, mention the first greenery that comes out from under the snow, songs of birds, buds on tree branches, running babbling streams, colorful butterflies. When creating a spring room decor, it is important to keep these associations in mind.

Starting with textiles

A basic and very simple way to transform the interior with your own hands is to change textiles. Start with decorative pillow cases. Warm winter – no, cotton and linen with a print or floral pattern – yes.

Replace thick curtains with translucent ones, update kitchen textiles: potholders, napkins, tablecloths, towels. Put a cute rug in the hallway, and hang a light-colored shower curtain in the bathroom. 

Color changes everything

The most important way to change the mood in your house is to change the color palette. Each season is associated with certain colors and shades. So, for example, winter is associated with white, with cold shades of blue, light blue, gray. When renovating your home for spring, choose colors that are reminiscent of freshness, morning, bloom – lime, turquoise, yellow, lavender and mint. If you are afraid to overload the interior, then opt for their bleached shades.

Tip: It is not necessary to repaint the walls. A pair of cushions in the color of young grass and bright vases will be enough.

Add flowers to the interior

Place flowers in vases, planters and pots. For a better and longer-lasting effect, choose unpretentious specimens with a long flowering period. Suitable azaleas, home roses, orchids, balsams. Replace light planters with bright ones – this is both a decor and a mood!

Do not forget about seasonal bouquets in the living room: from daffodils, hyacinths, tulips. And in the kitchen, arrange pots of herbs, such as mint, lavender, or basil.

Decor with tree branches

You can admire such decorations endlessly. The awakening of trees and their flowering is the most exciting moment of spring. If you create something like this inside the apartment, the mood will immediately rise. This can be implemented in any ways.

Fresh scents of spring

Use scented candles or a diffuser to scent vetiver, hyacinth, gentle jasmine, soothing frangipani, or sweet lime. The aroma will give the house not only lightness and freshness, but also a feeling of warmth, which is so lacking in a changeable spring.

Refurbishing old furniture

In the spring without creativity in any way. Get down to business: change the handles of a dresser or cabinet, or paint a boring cabinet in a bright color. You can also update old furniture with self-adhesive paper or wallpaper with spring prints. By the way, the advice is not tied to the season: with such paper it is easy to change the interior in any season.

Breakfast in the garden

Do you know what exactly will help you create a spring mood? Breakfast in the garden without leaving their house! If there is no balcony or terrace, then decorate your dining table as if you were in the country. Cover the table with a tablecloth, place a tall vase with beautiful spring flowers or just branches with green leaves in the center so that they are the center of attention. Put fruit and a glass candy bowl with your favorite chocolate-covered strawberries on the table. Throw a couple of bright pillows on the chairs, pour fragrant mint tea into cups and enjoy the best moments of your life!

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