20 Ideas for a Boho Swimming Pool Interior

Nobody can refuse to stay by the pool in the summer. This is the best time to go out and relax for a few minutes while enjoying the pleasant warm days. If you want to do it and you have a swimming pool in your backyard, I am sure you sometimes perplexing about how to decorate it. You can design a boho pool. Create stone or concrete spaces, add mosaic tiles, and surround your pool with cactus pots, succulents, or just a few tropical plants. If you are one of them and want to change the décor, or if you are thinking about getting a pool and are unsure how to decorate it, go boho! The boho style is very popular, and your swimming pool that match your interior will have a very free-spirited feel to it. Examine it out!

Boho meets modern pool space

If you like boho but prefer a more modern look, you can create a boho meets minimalist or contemporary space. How do you do it correctly? If you prefer a more neutral color scheme, go with stone or concrete. Consider mosaic tiles, and surround your pool with potted cacti, succulents, and simply statement plants, desert or tropical. Hang a tassel hammock and add some Moroccan wedding blanket-inspired pillows. Wicker lamps, rugs, boho artworks, and even antique doors will give the room a boho feel.

Moroccan Pool Area

Moroccan décor is frequently used in boho spaces as well, because it has the right vibes and decorations. Try gorgeous Moroccan tiles in the pool and throughout the backyard to add Moroccan flavor to your pool space. Place potted cacti, trees, and succulents in pots, hang Moroccan lanterns. What is important is to place elegant furniture – Moroccan-styled or more contemporary – to contrast the Moroccan décor. Candle lanterns and rattan accents are essential in such a setting.

The selection of furniture that characterizes a bohemian style, for which you must bring out all of the bohemian-style furniture to get a decoration. Hang tassel beds, a few candle lanterns, and Moroccan blanket-inspired pillows. Rattan lamps, rugs, boho artwork, and even antique sofas will help you achieve the desired boho look. As a result, the boho pool design usually filled with a lot of rocks, cactus and trees that grow around it. Also add hammocks above the pool with mosaic decorations at the bottom, statues, and naturally growing cactus. Moroccan style ensures the creation of a relaxation oasis with a boho feel; if you enjoy such décor, you can try!

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