Standard House Exterior Design Principles

What is exterior? What does exterior design include?

Exterior is what belongs to the outside of a building. As a harmonious combination of creativity and art brings ideas about the outside space, creating the most characteristic feature of the building. If the interior is the soul, the exterior is the face of the building. The exterior is beautiful, strange and unique, the more people pay attention. Therefore, today, along with interior and exterior design, more and more attention will get to the building especially house. 

The job of an exterior designer is quite extensive and complex. Because it is not merely the design of the landscape, but more than the structure of the interior style such as: exterior design of garden, rockery, swimming pool design, car garage, etc.

Principles of exterior design 

A perfect exterior design is one that impresses at first sight. So what are the principles of exterior design? 

About feng shui 

For exterior design, feng shui is the first factor that needs to be paid attention to. Especially for Eastern people, feng shui has an important meaning to the life and destiny of the owner and family members. The elements of wind direction, light direction, color, texture, etc. are all issues that need to taken care of. They must be chosen to suit the destiny of the owner. 


The beautiful exterior design styles are the styles that suit the homeowner’s preferences and ensure aesthetics.

To ensure the desired exterior but still ensure the aesthetics, the homeowner needs to discuss carefully with the architect to get the best drawing. The shapes need to be in harmony, proportional to each other in terms of size ratio, to avoid deviations and unevenness. 

Financial Principles 

Without the high cost, the built exterior will be beautiful. The beauty here is a harmonious combination of many factors because different sources of capital, the exterior layout will be different. The designer’s task at this time is to consider the homeowner’s finances to build a space that is both beautiful and affordable. 

Important factors to create a beautiful outdoor space 

Outdoor furniture

What is outdoor furniture? Exterior furniture or exterior decorative items help the space become more unique and comfortable. 

Today, when exterior design increasingly focused on, the exterior items also designed more unique, creative and more convenient. Make the outdoor space of the building become more attractive and romantic.  Some “hot” outdoor furniture are chosen by many people today such as hanging beds, hanging chairs, bathtubs, etc.

Exterior materials

Exterior materials include materials for building exterior spaces such as: exterior decorative stones, exterior wall tiles, etc. These materials can be natural or artificial. The rationally used exterior materials will create the perfect impression for the building and at the same time show a part of the owner’s personality. 

Types of exterior paints

Exterior paint color is a decisive factor to the exterior appearance of the building. Designers now advise homeowners to choose only 2 paint colors for the exterior space. 

Paint color 1 will be the main color throughout the spaces. The second color will be used to create accents. Homeowners can consider using contrasting colors for the best effect. 

Exterior design styles are popular today

Modern exterior design style 

Modern style always brings elegance and sophistication to housing projects. The design is not too picky about decorative lines and patterns but simply focuses on strong, clearly distributed geometric blocks.  Diverse colors, flexible and rich designs have become a popular housing style for young people. 

Classic design style, neoclassical

Classical and neoclassical exterior design styles are often bold elements of nostalgia, antiquity, simple but delicate and polite. 

Neoclassical is a bit more innovative than classical because it is a cross between modern style and classic style. It fully converges the most quintessential things to help open up a modern, dynamic, unobtrusive living space, not too extravagant but luxurious and elegant. 

Minimalist exterior style 

Minimalist exterior emphasizes the two words “restriction”. All details minimized as much as possible, eliminating all unnecessary elements, leaving only what is “important”, usability, value of use put on top. Minimalist style is appreciated for its simplicity and sophistication, suitable for those who have a quiet, simple soul. 

These are we can share about what the exterior is, the principles of exterior design and the elements that make up a beautiful exterior space. Hopefully the article will provide you with useful information and have more choices about the best design for your home. 

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