7 Simple Yet Beautiful Entrance Designs for Your Home

The facade is the face of the house, just as the house is the face of the owner. In particular, the entrance, or the front yard is often one of the details that are easily overlooked. However, if you are ready to make your home perfect in every detail, or you want a friendly, stylish entryway that impresses visitors, then consult our concept handbook right away. Our designers present 7 decorative, tiling ideas for the entrance of a modern, stylish home.

Japanese-style entrance

When choosing materials for patios and entryways, there are many options depending on the theme as well as the design intent. It is not necessary to use the same material, depending on the requirements, we can combine many different materials to highlight the design intent. However, note that the combination should be based on a certain principle, for example, based on style, color, texture and should not use too many types of materials. It doesn’t matter if you combine 3 or 4 materials for your yard, but if use 7 or 8 materials the result will be completely different. 

Take a look at the house in this example, the dominant style is traditional Japanese with modern elements. The small cobbled yard cleverly interwoven with the tree and Japanese velvet grass. The walkway paved with stones with different textures, highlighting the entrance to the courtyard.

The entrance weaves through the garden

If you have a large front yard, try this option! Take advantage of the yard as a garden landscape, and at the same time draw the entrance to weave through the garden. Just like example 1, choose from a variety of stone materials, in different sizes and colors. Combined, we have an interesting, attractive entrance to the house, glimmering in the shadows of the trees.

Chess flooring entrance

A simple and economical way to decorate the entrance hall is to use tiles. However, there are many types of tiles with different textures. Refer to this example, the homeowner used black and white checkerboard tiles. Repeat these two black – white colors with tall potted plants, white walls, and dark main doors. Overall, the lobby is reminiscent of the classic European style, simple but impressive. 

Modern entrance

If you have trouble getting or caring for grass for your entrance, you can replace it with a gravel that complements the cement steps and stairs as shown above. Don’t forget to keep adding plants and dim lighting for a modern ambiance for your home.

Resort-like entrance

More creatively, you can refer to this example and apply it to your home. Very modern and tropical with a small bridge over the pond, fireplaces at either end of the pond, and palm trees that give a lush feel and complement the wooden gates make your home truly a dream resort without a doubt. 

Combine stepping stone and gravel

Similar to example 2, if you have a beautiful garden on your doorstep, and every entry means a stroll through the garden, then refer to this design. This entrance designed and uses gravel to give base to the stepping stones. Rocks and gravel are often combined (besides grass) for aesthetic reasons as well as safety reasons. Stepping stones are often higher than the ground making it possible to trip over especially children. Do not forget the composition of the stone on the gravel and the footing is made so that it is not too slippery.

Walkway through the yard

Usually the front yard is usually treated by planting grass. How to make the entrance to the house different and not in contact with any other house? A straight road would be a boring choice. Let’s try the paving to the house in this example. Try paving stones diagonally, one or two, and pave the entire yard. In this way, the yard and entrance to the house will be much more modern and trendy.

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