6 Patio Landscaping Ideas for Gardening

Home landscape is something that needs to be considered when designing a house. The placement of buildings, gardens outside or inside, in front or behind is also considered well. This is done so that the house has circulation and a more beautiful view. Natural decorative elements in the landscape will also provide freshness to the house. The house is less crowded and more radiant. Designing a garden is indeed a secondary need but will have a good impact on the house. These are 6 patio landscaping ideas for gardening your patio.

Natural Beauty 

Cover the patio with a few small sofa, fill it with shrubs and flowers, then sit back and watch the birds and butterflies. Raised beds and planters also work well.

Green year-round

Evergreen screens provide privacy and remain green and lovely all year round. For example Chinese juniper (Juniper rus chinensis), pine or cedar. Japanese Garden Juniper (Juniper rus procumben) is another beautiful low-growing shrub.

Shady Patio Landscaping 

Adjacent sofas are filled with foliage plants to provide a cool, peaceful atmosphere. Many places, including hosta and ferns, are ideal for shady places around the patio.

Color and Movement 

Ornamental lawns provide a sense of privacy, and most varieties provide year-round color, movement, and texture to the area around the patio. Ornamental lawns worth considering include purple spring grass, green oat grass, autumn moor grass, sheep grass, virgin grass, or ribbon grass.

Tropical Garden 

If you live in a warm climate, plant tropical plants (or tropical plants) around one part of your patio. Look for plants with bold colors of red, yellow, orange, or coral. Suggestions of elephant ears, sweet potato vines, birds of paradise, New Zealand flax or celosia.

Culinary Herbs 

If you enjoy cooking, consider planting a small herb garden near your patio. Herbs are attractive, easy to grow and require little care, but most of them require plenty of sunlight.

Planting Tips Near Your Patio

There are a few things to consider when landscaping around your deck or patio.

  • Avoid thorny plants, especially if you have small children or pets. Likewise, agave is lovely, but its sharp tip can cut like a knife. The prickly cactus should be located at a safe distance from the patio.
  • Consider planting jasmine or other fragrant vines near your patio. Enjoy the sweet scent outdoors on a warm summer evening or let it flow through an open window.
  • Choose your plant size carefully. Avoid overly large factories that require greater maintenance and can soon congest the patio area.
  • Water features like portable fountains or bird baths with bubblers can block unpleasant traffic noise.
  • Solar lighting is a fun and affordable way to add interest around your patio.

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