15 Minimalist Bedroom Designs for People Who Like Simplicity

Today, minimalist bedroom designs are very popular because of its simplicity beauty, simple but still comfortable and useful. So how to create a bedroom space that tell “Minimalism”? The following article will answer the above question, as well as suggest some more beautiful bedroom models in this increasingly popular architectural style for your reference!

What are the benefits of minimalist bedroom design?

Minimalist style, although just introduced to our country, is very popular with many homeowners. So what are the benefits of a minimalist bedroom that emphasize simplicity is so popular? Let’s find out!

Beneficial effects on human mood

The bedroom is a place for you to find relaxation after a long, stressful day at work. That is why choosing a design style for this particular space is quite important. Minimalist bedroom decoration will be a way to help you find peace and comfort in your soul. The arrangement of furniture is just enough, neat characteristic of this style to help the room look airy, create a pleasant feeling for the user, bring relaxation extremely effectively.

Suitable for people who like simplicity or busy people

For those who love simplicity or are often busy with little time to clean the room, this style will be the perfect choice. The bedroom is designed in a minimalist way, which will remove the most unnecessary items to make the room much larger and airy, so if you want to make a mess, it’s very difficult.

Enhance concentration

You will be easily distracted if the bedroom is decorated with too many items or the design is fussy and confusing. Therefore, if you choose a minimalist bedroom design, it will be easier to focus on something like reading or working, on the other hand, you will also be easier to fall asleep.

Towards the value of space

Sometimes the bedroom is not only a place for you to rest, but it is also a place to help you find balance in life. And the minimalist bedroom is a good candidate to help you find comfort and ease in your soul. 

Investment cost savings

Minimalist style is quite suitable for those who want to save investment costs. Because most furniture will be cut to the maximum, this helps homeowners focus their investment on more essential and quality items. When designing a bedroom in this style, homeowners will gradually get rid of the habit of buying unnecessary things. This is also the reason to help you save quite a bit of money.

Save time and labor

If other styles you have to spend a lot of time from designing to hiring construction and installation workers, the minimalist bedroom will help you solve these problems. Because the bedroom furniture is minimal and has a very simple design, you will spend less time choosing and arranging instead, you will have a lot of time to do other things.

Features of the minimalist bedroom

So what is a minimalist bedroom? To create a comfortable, pleasant resting space, the first thing you need to pay attention to is color. Often minimalist bedrooms are very popular with simple and sophisticated colors such as white, black, and gray. Just like other design styles, when decorating a minimalist bedroom, you should focus on dividing it into different levels. If you have chosen a bold color for the walls, then the furniture in the room should be a contrasting color and somewhat softer than the main color, this helps to create balance in the design.

In addition, the material is also a factor to pay attention to when choosing furniture for a minimalist bedroom. To make the room feel familiar and comfortable, you should consider wooden furniture. Depending on the investment cost, you will decide to choose industrial wood or natural wood. The light source in the bedroom is also a notable point. 

Most homeowners think that because it is a place to rest and relax, they should limit the addition of natural light instead, use artificial light for easy adjustment. However, this inadvertently pushes your usage costs up, so the minimalist bedroom is always prioritized to arrange natural light to help save maximum monthly electricity bills as well as very good for homeowner’s health. The final feature when it comes to minimalist bedrooms is storage space. Most of the Minimalism designs apply multi-functional furniture to help save space effectively and meet all necessary needs.  

The secret to creating a minimalistic space

To decorate a bedroom in a minimalist style is not difficult, we will show you some secrets to creating a minimalist space with the suggestions below.

Minimize utensils

The first thing to do in arranging a bedroom in a minimalist style is to minimize the load of unnecessary items. It is best to choose smart furniture items that take on many uses.

Use multifunctional furniture

On the other hand, to ensure storage space as well as maximize space saving in the spirit of minimalism, multifunctional furniture is the item you should not ignore. Instead of designing a separate dressing table and desk, you can combine these two spaces into one or you can use the corner of the closet to make a bookshelf. Taking advantage of multifunctional furniture will help you save space as well as investment costs.

Use neutral colors for the room

Because it is a style that shows simplicity, the colors used for the minimalist bedroom should also be carefully chosen, if you want to maximize the spirit of this style while still maintaining the pure elegance. In fact, neutral colors are extremely appropriate. Avoid colors that are too prominent that will make you feel uncomfortable and do not fit the criteria of this style.

To make the space more attractive, homeowners can use more interior items with contrasting colors to increase the aesthetics of the bedroom, avoiding the feeling of boredom.

Take advantage of natural light

One of the ways to make a minimalist bedroom stand out is to make use of natural light. Your room will look more spacious when you know how to take advantage of scientific and effective light sources.

Choose a bed with a simple and comfortable mattress

You should also pay attention to choosing the right mattress design for the minimalist space to add charm to the space. It is best to choose low, patterned wooden beds or simple metal beds to decorate your bedroom.

Use the design of the bedroom without a bed

Another interesting experience you should try when you intend to design in a minimalist style is not using a bed. Instead of having to place a bulky bed that stuns the area, only bare mattresses will effectively save the space of the room. 

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