Economically Friendly – Getting Creative Inside Tiny House

The Tiny House Movement

People talk about the tiny house movement. What is that? Are the small houses that are moved to small lots? Is this a political movement? This movement is about a segment of society that claims that people shrink the space or space in which they live.

If you’ve never heard of it, the tiny house movement is a growing trend and not just a fad. It has been shown on network television around the world. What makes a small gesture so great, and what defines what a small house is? The average American home measures just under 3,000 square feet. Tiny houses are built with a focus on the simpler life of smaller ones so that they average around 400 to 500 square feet at most. Some of the small houses are very small, about 65 square feet.

Inside a Tiny Home – Are You Ready?

Imagine yourself in Tiny Home and exactly what you expect you to feel and feel. Let’s entertain our thoughts now … think about having enough kitchen cabinets, maybe a sliding kitchen, a small space with an oven, enough counter space for preparing meals, a small sink, a cupboard for your bedroom, and where you will go in. your washer / dryer combination, oh … and don’t forget your bathroom essentials. Do you want the bedroom in the attic or the same floor? If you have an attic, how do you like your stairs? Will you have storage under or in the stairs?

As for your living room area, use creative utensils to save space with a small sofa with drawers or under storage, maybe a table with a table top for dining or work on a laptop and keep working on all your ideas by jotting them down. Then with all your ideas prepare a layout drawing and include measurements.

There are lots of ideas out there for small scale furniture that saves floor area. A sofa with storage drawers, a corner table, a floating table, a folding table, storage luggage, a murphy bed, a bed that slides out or climbs off the ceiling and much more. In fact, whether it’s inside a Tiny House or not, it’s also a great space-saving idea for small apartments, rest rooms, sun rooms, dormitories, guesthouses, den, and even studios. Many innovative and creative ideas emerge every day from different sources and all because of the need for them.

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Smaller Homes Are Also Economically Friendly

When you consider that many cars today cost over $ 50,000, it is easy to see the economic value involved in moving a tiny house. A house or small house can cost $ 37,000 if you buy pre-built or pre-built. If you build it yourself, you will save a lot more.

Many people think that buying a tiny house means living in a box or something. Not like that. Because the cost of a tiny house is so low, builders can focus on higher quality building materials that are more energy efficient and last longer than the materials used in traditional home building.


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