Modern Bedroom Furniture and Designs for Siblings

One way to try and build consensus among siblings with different tastes, preferences, and desires is to see if you can get them to agree on a theme in their bedroom. Often times, the agreement on the theme of their children’s bedroom will be the guide you need to design a room that they both / all will love.

And it doesn’t matter if one is a boy and the other is a girl, because there are many special themes that might interest both. The following examples – bedroom themed forests, ocean, and fairy tales / story books – can serve as a launching pad for you and your children’s imagination.

Space for sharing

A shared bedroom should have a dedicated area for play and me-time, and we’re sure the siblings will want furniture to suit their individual preferences. Bed frames come in a variety of colors, and choose one that can be extended so that they can grow with your child for years.

Children’s room with white wardrobe and chest of drawers, two extendable bed frames, green rug and blue wall wardrobe.

Two bed frames with different headboards: one white and one birch. Both have beds with colorful sheets.

White, birch or what? SLÄKT extendable bed frame has many choices of headboard colors!

White children’s bed frame with pink sheet and flamingo patterned sheet, green rug and soft round toy.

Cute, comfortable and just right for your conscience – the quilt cover and pillowcase of RÖRANDE are made from 100% eco-friendly cotton, which gets softer whenever friendly (and the zipper holds the blanket in place!).

The wardrobe comes with colorful stickers that help label the drawers and doors – perfect for shared spaces!

The private space in the shared bedroom ensures that siblings still get the time they need to work on their respective hobbies.

The shelves are wide enough to store and share storage for each child, and the simple design goes well with other furniture.

One good approach is to give each sibling her own set of items in her own color and ask her for input on how she’d like to decorate her section of the bedroom together. Keep things simple, separate and color coded. Then, Add variety and distinction to each of your areas by including brightly colored storage bins and laundry baskets.


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