Choose the Best Furniture for the Combination of Your Dining and Living Room

The two most important rooms in your home are the dining and the living room. These are the two rooms that you and your family will spend the most time in. So when picking furniture, spend a little more time to pick out the right furniture. Make sure that everything looks and feels right to you.

Little details that define

Are you dreaming of a luxurious dining room? You can have them, even if your house is small. Color and material coordination, stylish details and flexible furniture, such as an extendable table, will make your dreams come true.

The dining and living room combine in a coordinated style using rattan furnishings and tones of browns, grays and anthracites.

More room at the table

NORRÅKER is a multipurpose bench suitable for use in any room in your home. For example, this bench provides more seating for a long dining table.

Dining area with extendable table. Chairs are black, chairs with rattan material, and benches with birch wood which provide extra seating.

Tea everywhere

Where would you like to have tea tonight? Or, that’s fine – with a cart you can carry everything you need to where you want it.

The cart is black with a teapot, mug and tea bag on its shelf next to the sofa and armchairs.

Good view

Dust-free storage with a glass cabinet allows you to view your best collection from any angle.

A glass door cabinet stands next to the balcony door. Display items, magazines and magazine files are stored in them.

Wall storage – customized by you

Cabinets that are easy to adjust to meet your storage needs. And, wall mounted storage can free up floor space from clutter!

Storage combination with open and closed cabinets in gray and white is mounted on the wall beside the brown table.

Shelves you can count on

The shelving units are sturdy and durable, making them perfect for heavy items like books and larger storage boxes.

Two sturdy black shelving units that hold lots of decorative items, books, magazine files, kettlebells and more.

Sleep soundly when guests arrive

The sofa bed is ready in an instant for the overnight guest thanks to its large storage space under the chair with plenty of room for blankets and pillows.

A dark gray FLOTTEBO sofa bed is being lifted, under which is a storage room with a blanket and pillows.


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