Turning Your Garage Into a Creative Workspace

The garage has long been a forgotten space in most homes; a room that is rarely used except for parking cars and for emergency purposes. But over the past few years, as people have begun to realize the importance of home office spaces and how they can be turned into creative work spaces, more people are remodeling their garages into comfortable office cubicles or home offices. Garage projects can make even a run down garage into a comfortable workspace that meets all of your needs. Here are some ideas on what you can do to transform a drab garage into a workspace, library, or just a place to keep your car.

A Garage Turned Creative Workspace

Create an inspiring home office using whatever space you have. This garage was transformed into a colorful and creative workspace that’s a joy to spend time in. Here’s how…

A colorful workspace with desk, trolley, chairs and wall displays, in a garage with the roller door open.

Pen pots on a desk with a white desk lamp, pink chair, and artwork on picture ledges on the wall behind.

Bright ideas

A windowless garage may not be the best place for creativity, but a few simple additions make it work. Position the table near the door for natural light and have a table lamp for detailed work. The white walls illuminate the entire room and create a blank canvas for the artwork that hangs around the edges of the image making it easy to switch.

Colorful paper shapes displayed on a white picture ledge on a white wall.

Tubes of colorful paint and notebooks stored in a white desk organizer.

A weaving loom and fabric on two wooden side tables, a blue armchair, and colorful artwork on a white wall.

A three-tiered white trolley full of crafts materials including ribbons, string and glue.

Having furniture on wheels means it’s easy to move around if you’re working on a larger project. The break room is where you organize the work in progress, and children use it to work on their crafts.

Looking into a colorful home office in a garage from the concrete driveway.

Make space for creativity

When you work from home, it’s nice to go to a different space to work, and then leave it at the end of the day.

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