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If you are in a small dorm and need to find some ways to make it look more spacious, you should try some small dorm decoration ideas. A lot of students have to live in dorms because they have to get a place to live after school and are not allowed to live on their own campus. There are so many things that can be decorated inside a dorm and the smaller the dorm, the more choices you will have. You do not have to spend a lot of money on decorations because there are a lot of simple things that you can do that will give your dorm a little boost without spending too much. Here are some small dorm decoration ideas that will help you make your dorm look a little better than before:

Dorm Bedroom Arrangement

You can use a daybed or small bed to minimize space, then use an extra mattress as a backrest. So, If a friend comes to sleep over for the weekend, just place it on the floor to make a second bed.

A Shot From Above Of A Bed And Two Office Drawers Used As Be Tidy Storage

You will need all the extra storage space you can get. So you can choose to use the desk organizer as a bedside table. They can hold a lot of things and keep them neat.

Then, look for additional clothing racks and some boxes that are suitable for shoes. And volleyball net? Perfect for use as a room divider, but also for clipping your hat.

A Clothes Rack Holds Shirts On Hangers And A Hanging Organization

Even if your room is small, you should always make room for the things you love. It’s what makes your dorm room feel like home.

Two Baseball Caps Hang From S Hooks On A Volleyball Net

A Couple Of Baseballs And Basketballs Sit On Top Of A White Drawer Chest

When you were at school, you learned very quickly that the key to living comfortably is using hidden and wasted spaces. For example, a pair of storage boxes under the bed with wheels is a great place to store shoes.

Storage Under The Bed Hides Shoes Away From Sight

When it’s time to work and work, you’ll need a space that is very organized and large enough to spread out. That means lots of shelves, trays for paper, as well as DIY peg boards for table accessories. You can even use a metal trellis for attaching notes, artwork, and photos. Paired with a volleyball net on the other side of the table, so you create a great covered area to help you stay focused.

A Desk Area With Lots Of Storage And A Pegboard On The Wall

Despite the fact that this is a work area, you will still want it to feel attractive and cool. Therefore, LIXHULT cabinets have a sporty feel to them, and the bright colors and scattered placement on the wall will bring out a lot of personality. So do you also really want to add some parts that you can make yourself, like peg boards. It’s easy to make, saves a lot of table space, as well as shows off your practical skills!

A Diy Pegboard Holds Organizers And Desk Supplies

Textbooks Bound In White Paper Sit On Top Of A White Desk

There are so many fun sides to hostel life! A shared bathroom isn’t one of them. Use the cart to set up a station by the door with all your stuff ready. Then, hang up the mesh bag with essential supplies (think towels, toothbrush, toothpaste), and use the other side to hang your laundry bag and wet towels.

An Ikea Risatorp Trolley Holds Bathroom Essentials Like Towel And Toiletries

A Blue Mesh Bag Holding A Towel And A Toothbrush Hangs From Hook

A Blue And White Laundry Bag Hangs From A Black Trellis

A Laundry Bag And Bathrobe Hang From A Black Trellis Flip Floor


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