43+ Tumblr Bedroom Ideas Aesthetic – Is it a Scam

The style became popular as a Tumblr Room. This name refers to the Tumblr social network. Do you understand the connection? This site serves as a blog where users post photos, videos, quotes and images on topics that match their interests and, in return, receive photos, videos, quotes and images on the same topic that are only posted by other users. These are some of the bedroom photos collected from the Tumblr social network. With aesthetic style and high creativity they decorate their rooms.

Then what is a tumblr room?

In short, Tumblr spaces convey the true essence, personality and interests of the people who live there, through their decorations. Objects are exposed in a manner similar to publication on the network. For this reason, we saw in this type of room a lot of photos, phrases and drawings that are mounted on the walls, stamped on the pillows, and wherever possible.

The idea of ​ Tumblr is to reproduce in the bedroom everything that is liked and shared on social networks. One of the interesting features of this room is that you can do a lot of decorating yourself as the goal is to completely personalize the environment. And do not think that this proposal only works in rooms for children and adolescents. On the other hand, many adults have embraced the idea.

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Setting up a Tumblr space

Setting up a Tumblr room doesn’t have any rules to follow. But the original Tumblr has a few details that define it and set it apart from the rest.


There is no social network without photos. Moreover, a Tumblr room without them. Print out your selfies and don’t be afraid to use them in your room. You can hang it on a rope, attach some kind of clothesline, by the way, this idea is very common on Tumblr.

Phrases and quotes

Framed or printed on pillow phrases and quotes are frequently posted on the Tumblr network. So, not fairer, that they are also part of the decoration.


Color is indispensable in the Tumblr space. Therefore, the idea is to leave bright colors for smaller details and objects, while white, for example, can appear on walls, furniture and other large elements. But since there are no rules, you can use any other color if you wish. Just pay attention to common sense and don’t overwhelm the decor of the room.


These items include, for example, comic drawings, geometric shapes, stylized drawings of animals and plants, and reinterpretations of artwork. Cacti and succulents are some of the images that are in fashion for this type of room. However, here also appear pictures of fruit, flowers and artists. Everything varies greatly in this type of decoration, just don’t forget that the main thing is your personal taste.


With so much information, you need a place to organize everything. One tip is to use panels. They can be cork, magnets, wood, felt or any other material you like, as long as you can fix what you want in them. Mounting panels can not only be used to store information, you can also decorate them. Then your bedroom will be ready to be in a tumblr room with a more aesthetic appearance.


Plants are also the face of this type of room. You can bet on the current trend namely cactus, succulents and Adam’s ribs. But other plants can too. Be careful only with certain types of plants that, due to their toxicity, are not suitable for growing indoors.


It’s a big star of the Tumblr space and one of its main features too, widely used in this type of bedroom decoration, lamps can be lamps, lamps, flasher or LED.


One thing that’s very common in Tumblr-style rooms is simplicity. Elements used in decoration are often created by the room owner or, still, made from pieces that are reused and reused for other purposes. For example, a cup can be a crop powerhouse, an unused frame can be used to lay that perfect phrase or even a simple lamp into a decorative piece that only a different stand or wire appreciates.

Tumblr spaces, like social media, are democratic and accessible. Suitable for all ages and adapts to all styles, tastes and pockets. You can make amazing decorations without spending anything (or almost nothing).


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