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Installing a bars in your basement can be a great way to create a fun, relaxing party, or get-together area separate from the rest of your home. It can free up space in the kitchen and living room and help you comfortably and easily entertain guests. If you have a finished basement, or want to finish it, adding a bars to your hosting area can be a touch that really helps you make the most of that space.


There are a few things you need to consider before proceeding with the project, including whether or not you want the stems to get wet. A “wet bar” simply has a sink, which can make your life easier in the long run, but will also require all the work and expense that could be put into installing plumbing in a new part of your home. Other considerations include height (you may want to consider what type or chair or stool you want to place around it) and general dimensions. Some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing a size include whether you will prepare food and drink here and whether guests will eat here.

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Table Options

One of the fun decisions you need to make is how you want the table to look. This is important because this surface will be one of the first places that catch the eye’s eye. Popular choices include granite, quartz, concrete, and stainless steel. When your basement bars is finished, consider what will suit the rest of the room. If not, think about what kind of theme you would like to develop.

~ Granite is a classic choice; It’s elegant as well as durable and will be a beautiful accent for almost any design.

~ Quartz combines extraordinary durability with beauty. This is the densest and most durable of the options available, and it’s also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

~ Concrete is a great choice for those looking to achieve a modern or funky look. Since concrete is so adaptable, it may be the perfect choice if you need an unconventional shape.

~ Stainless steel can give a room a very clean and contemporary look, or add a unique industrial element to a more rustic room.


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