+ 43 The Secret to Farmhouse Kitchen Decor on a Budget

Admiring farmhouse and country decor is one thing – actually implementing farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas because achievable kitchen decorating ideas is a completely different thing. Luckily, breaking down a beautiful kitchen into the must-have elements of a modern farmhouse kitchen is the perfect starting point.

There are a number of ingredients, one might say, that make up every farmhouse kitchen. This decor element is the basic iteration most commonly used in farmhouse kitchen, but swapping a subway tile backsplash for a glass tile won’t spoil the overall look; in fact, it can even add a playful touch to a farmhouse kitchen.

Inspiration For Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Feel free to mix and match the details of this farmhouse kitchen, remember that most farmhouse kitchens have homemade elements, authentic details, old materials, and distressed surfaces. Exposed bricks, boat stacks, and items with patina can also add to a farmhouse feel.

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Wood cupboard

Farmhouse kitchens almost exclusively have wooden cabinets. Other cabinet materials, such as laminate, are too modern for a farmhouse style. Wooden kitchen cabinets have just the right amount of traditional details, and they can develop an organic patina – or colored to have one – which helps further the modern farmhouse look and feel.

Neutral color scheme

Kitchen color schemes can go across the color wheel, but farmhouse-style kitchens tend to have neutral tones, with white, black, and wood as the main elements. Grays and navy shades can also work in more modern farmhouse kitchens.

Limited open shelves or top cabinets

Most farmhouse kitchens have a pared feel, without too many cupboard tops. This helps the room feel light and sunny, and installing open shelves offers a display for kitchen decor items (like cookie jars, heirloom tableware, and more).

Concrete or quartz countertop

Farmhouse kitchen decor ideas rely on simplicity – once ornately, marble and granite countertops with bold or colorful finishes usually don’t go the way. (Although, again, this is your kitchen, and what you say applies.) Instead, try a concrete countertop or a smooth quartz countertop.

Wood, tile, or brick backsplash

White subway tile with black grout is one of the most common kitchen backsplash tile ideas in almost all kitchens, but especially in farmhouse kitchens. It offers a fresh, clean look that matches other elements of a simple and simple space.

The front of a farmhouse apron or sink

The sink with a large basin and the apron front – the farmhouse sink – is by far the most popular farmhouse kitchen sink. This sink may take some getting used to, but there is no denying that it is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen.

Lantern pendant lamp

For lighting, the farmhouse kitchen lighting is usually a lantern chandelier. These pendant lights offer plenty of light for the cooking space, and the ingredients can be combined with other hardware in the room for a cohesive look.

Dark hardware

Matte black hardware on cabinets, drawers and more is the norm for farmhouse kitchens. They appear in the cupboard

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