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Cabinet space under the kitchen sink is always wasted. With the humidity emanating from near the sink, and so much area being used with plumbing, traps, and drains, there really isn’t much room for storage. New technology, however, makes it possible to take advantage of more space in your kitchen sink cabinets so you aren’t faced with a lot of dead space you can actually use for storage.

One of the more frequently seen innovations is the small folding drawers along the edge of the cabinet where it meets the table. This is an unattractive item that you usually have to keep out in the open on the edge of the sink or bend over to store it or get it out of the sink.

Under Sink Storage Ideas

When it comes to the kitchen, storage is the key. If you’re short on space and don’t have a kitchen renovation on your calendar anytime soon, it’s time to rethink your current setup. A brilliant organizing solution can help you maximize available space and save time (and stress) trying to find the items you need every day. One smart way to make the most of your kitchen storage is to make the most of the area under your sink.

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Roll-out drawers, shelves, and wire baskets are other new creations that can offer you access to even more of the stuff you keep under the sink. Don’t you hate having to get on your knees and rummage through the back of a closet for something you need? With drawers, this is no longer a problem. Everything you save appears when you pull the drawer out, and all you have to do is reach out and get it.

This tray provides a very inexpensive way to store items under your kitchen sink. In addition, they are a barrier between the pipe and the bottom of your wardrobe, so that water that leaks won’t rot the wood.

Consider tiered shelves which also offer visual appeal making practical storage for storing your pans, and not suitable for placing under a sink. Dealing with a full lower cabinet? Make the most of your space by adding a small basket on the inside of your door.


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