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Not many people realize that the best space saving devices they can have in their homes are pocket doors. These are doors that slide into a pocket in the wall by using sliding rails. You don’t need to make sure you have enough room for the door to swing into a room or hallway, giving you a possible extra ten feet of space. However, these doors are more difficult to install than regular doors.

Installing Pocket Doors in the Hallway

The most neglected part of your nicely decorated home is the hallway. So, you must have a modern set of furniture and fixtures to design your living room, bedroom and kitchen. But how to make that long, boring hallway interesting is a big question. Also, narrow hallways are more efficient with the right furniture. So you can’t put furniture in your hallway. It is intended only to connect the entrance to the living room or sometimes the living room with a bedroom or kitchen. Installing a pocket doors in the hallway is one smart idea to save space and make it easily accessible.

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The first step is to frame out the opening for the door. This is larger than a regular door frame, because you actually have to build a frame that is double the width of the door. You do have to accommodate the size of the door as it slides into the wall. Manufacturers recommend that you add one inch to this double size. The usual height is 85 inches, but this does depend on the size of your door. So you have to make sure your header is level and that the sides of the frame are plumb, which means make sure they are straight.

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Once you have installed the header, then you have to install the door header and track assembly, which is included with your purchase of the pocket doors. All the brackets and fasteners that you need come in the package as well. You have to install two sets of stiffeners, which are thin metal supports. One of these sets is called the jamb stiffener. This has to be attached to the header, plumbed on the sides and then attached to the floor. The other set, called side split stiffeners, has to be attached to the middle of the frame. All the instructions you need for this process are included with the door. A doors bumper needs to be installed at the back of the pocket so that it won’t be damaged if you should happen to push it open too quickly.

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