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Do you have a collection of items that once belonged to your great-grandfather or you bought at a flea market, auction, or garage sale? Would you like to know if this collection matches your primitive country decor? This article will give you a better idea of ​​the types of collections country decorators feature and some of the ways they choose to show off.


You may have a tinfoil or several cardboard drawings around your house or in your attic. Whether these photos belong to a family member or if you bought them, they would make a great display and conversation area for your home.

Skull Keys

Skeleton keys can be hung individually on the wall with ribbons and then arranged in small groups or placed in shadow boxes. They also come in all shapes and sizes.


Whether your quilt is a family heirloom your great-grandmother made, or bought at a flea market, or a holiday craft fair, there are many ways to display it. So, you can choose to place it on a blanket rack that stands on the floor or perhaps a wall-hanging one. Or you may even want to conserve it and keep it away from the elements by storing it in a cedarwood or glass-sided chest.


Plastic glass bottles. Since these bottles are no longer available to you, they create a unique look. So, the best way to display used bottles is to place them on a window sill where the sun shines on the bottles or in an old wire-feeding bottle basket.

Board Games

Board games are a favorite pastime of families across the country. You can take a small or large collection and hang it on an accent wall. You can use all chess boards or mix and match your game board.


Whether you have vintage spatulas, whisks, cheese slicers, silver cutlery, or items you are not sure what their uses are, you can hang these items on the wall or along the bottom of your upper cupboard. Many of these items will become conversational as people try to figure out how they are used.

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Carpet Bat

Yes, women actually did use this one at a time. Homes weren’t carpeted years ago, but they do have large rugs in their home. They would take it outside and use it to clean dirt and dust from the rugs. A good place to display your rug beater is above and below stair walls.


Many of the filters you buy today are made of plastic. Older strainers were made of metal and some of them were very intricately designed with holes that made the designs differ. It makes a great look for primitive country home decor when hung on the wall either in one central area or perhaps in an area above a wardrobe.

Earthenware Crocks

Crocks can be a very versatile item. You can use it as a decorative accent, but you can also use it to store things. You can put your crochet in one of them or you can keep a ball of decorative yarn.

Cookie Jars

Cookie jars have been around for centuries and come in countless shapes, designs and themes. The Cookie jars can take up more space than some of the previously mentioned collections. Therefore they work well on top of cabinets or on shelves that are placed near the ceiling.

Some other collections that come to mind for primitive country designs are postcards, clocks, garden tools, rolling pin, books, birdhouses, and cow bells.

And now that you’ve thought about a collection that you can place in different areas of your primitive country design home, go ahead and get started. If you have a collection, take it out and play a little and see what you can come up with. If you don’t currently have a collection, you should now have a better idea of ​​what you need to shop for! Source : piperclassics


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