43+ Farmhouse Bathroom Counter Decor at a Glance

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The bathroom counter top is a very functional piece of equipment in the bathroom. It provides storage space and allows users to have all their personal products within reach of their hands. There are many options to choose from for bathroom counter tops. There are many types and surface colors available to make your bathroom not only functional but also very beautiful.


Wooden counter tops are the perfect way to add the rustic spa feel you expect in your bathroom. The advantage is that wood is definitely cheaper than other table materials. But you have to work extra to choose the type of wood, because this area is an area that is always wet. Choose wood types that are not vulnerable to water, and can last a long time. You also have to coat the wood with a special liquid so that the wood does not rot easily.


One of the preferred surfaces for bathroom counter tops is marble. It’s been around for centuries for use in bathrooms. It is beautiful and durable and will last a lifetime. There are many different colors to choose from and real marble is always unique. The veins on the marble add to its uniqueness.

It is one of the most expensive materials to use in the bathroom but its beauty is well worth it. Marble can stain so it has to be sealed tightly and even with a sealant it can stain so care must be taken to ensure the marble is protected and that certain solvents don’t get left on it.


Laminates have been in use since the nineteen fifties which have grown rapidly in style and durability. It is basically a thin plastic sheet that is placed on a table. It can be somewhat durable but it is not as durable as a hard surface.


Granite is a hard surface used for bathroom counter tops. This is a very sturdy rock that will not tarnish and is very difficult to break. Granite must also be closed tightly like marble so that it is not damaged.

Granite is the right choice for bathrooms that have a large selection of colors and very hard surfaces. This material is naturally waterproof and very resistant to stains. It is also resistant to heat and solvents.

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